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Battery-Powered Soldering Iron 8W


€ 16.87 Ex VAT

  • 3 x AA batteries provide 1 hour of continuous use
  • Fine soldering tip for precision electronic work & on-the-go repairs
  • Heats up in <15sec & cools down in <60sec
  • Temperature range: 400-420°C
  • Includes iron-plated long-life tip, safety cap & solder

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Informace o produktu

Počet baterií 3
Typ baterie AA - not included
Max Operating Temperature 420°C
Temperature Range 400 - 420°C
Range 400 - 420°C
Materiál - povrch Iron plated
Hmotnost 0.032kg

Klíčové vlastnosti

Battery power provides 1 hour of continuous use. Fine soldering tip heats up in less than 15 seconds and cools down in less than 60 seconds. Slider switch prevents accidental activation when not in use. Iron-plated long-life tip can be easily replaced by unscrewing the tip holder. Suitable for intricate electronic work and on-the-go repairs. Temperature range: 400-420°C. Small and compact for easy portability. Includes safety cap and solder. Requires 3 x AA batteries

Balení obsahuje

  • 1x Tube of solder
  • 1x Safety sheet
  • 1x 8W Battery operated soldering iron

Hodnocení zákazníků

kým: Ovidijus


I bought this little thing for fishing despite is supposed to be used on soldering like small electronic things. anyway I have to say I''m very happy about item . Doesn''t break a bank and works very well at least so far . Battery holds fine . Had fixed about dozen plastic and rubber fish and all I can say - brilliant .

kým: S.J.Bull


This iron is perfect for those jobs that need a fine tip and when you need to be free from cables.

kým: Piotr K


Świetna do precyzyjnego lutowania przy samochodzie, nie ma kabla i wszędzie dosięgniesz.

kým: James N


Excellent wee tool that is perfect for those small jobs although I think an hours operation on one set of batteries is a bit optimistic. However, it is not meant for heavy duty use but if used as intended makes a useful addition to the old tool box.

kým: paul h


Great Item .Just right for those little jobs on my Model Railway.

kým: Nick T


Heat up times are far longer than quoted even with brand new duracell or industrial grade batteries but once hot it''s useable for very light weight work.

kým: Brian P


This is an excellent little model, just the biz for all these light wiring jobs on a model railway and superb for wiring onboard a boat where it''''s compact size and almost instant heat makes life so much easier.

kým: Brian S


I found this item excellent value and the batteries last longer than I expected them too. Would highly recommend.

kým: Mark


Small, light and with batteries available anywhere in the world it''s ideal for those small jobs. I carry one in my travel toolkit, it hasn''t got enough heat for large wires or connectors but will cope with small jobs perfectly well.

3-letá záruka

Teto Silverline Battery-Powered Soldering Iron 8W je během 30 dní od nákupu chráněn před vadami z důvodu použití špatného materiálu při výrobě nebo použitím nesprávného výrobního postupu. Tuto záruku můžete prodloužit tím, že svůj 3-letá registrujete během 30 dní od nákupu. Jakékoliv vadné výrobky budou opraveny nebo vyměněny zdarma.

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