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Sada pilových děrovek - 16 dílů

19 - 127 mm

€ 17.21 Ex VAT

  • Tvrdé děrovky pro dřevo, sádrokarton, plasty a neželezné kovy
  • Velikosti: 19, 22, 29, 32, 38, 44, 51, 64, 76, 89, 102 a 127 mm
  • Upínací stopka 6 mm (1/4") a 10 mm (3/8")
  • Výztužná deska a šestihranný klíč
  • Dodáváno v robustním kufru

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4 z 5 hvězdiček
17 recenze/í

Informace o produktu

Materiál - vedlejší složení N/A
Shank Length N/A
Povrch Painted holesaws, black oxide arbor and hex key
Materiál - abrazivum High carbon steel
Hmotnost 0.890kg
Velikost zubů/segmentů 3mm
Zuby/segmenty na palec 6tpi
Pitch N/A - See tpi

Klíčové vlastnosti

Tepelně ošetřené zuby. Pro tvrdé a měkké dřevo, plast, sádrokarton a neželezné kovy. Obsahuje 12 děrovek 19, 22, 29, 32, 38, 44, 51, 64, 76, 89, 102 a 127 mm, upínací stopku 6 mm (1/4") a 10 mm (3/8"), výztužnou desku a šestihranný klíč. V robustním kufru.

Balení obsahuje

  • 1 x Holesaw 19mm
  • 1 x Holesaw 22mm
  • 1 x Holesaw 29mm
  • 1 x Holesaw 32mm
  • 1 x Holesaw 38mm
  • 1 x Holesaw 44mm
  • 1 x Holesaw 51mm
  • 1 x Holesaw 64mm
  • 1 x Holesaw 76mm
  • 1 x Holesaw 89mm
  • 1 x Holesaw 102mm
  • 1 x Holesaw 127mm
  • 2 x Arbors (1/4" and 3/8")
  • 1 x Reinforcing plate
  • 1 Hex key

Hodnocení zákazníků

kým: Paul P


A hole is a hole - but it does need to be the correct size. Plenty of choice here, sixteen choices in fact. And all neatly packaged in a strong box. Maybe not for daily use by a tradesman but an excellent choice for the home handyman.

kým: Robert R


A really good bit of kit - good range of very tough and sturdy cutters and associated bits and pieces, all oiled to prevent corrosion, and packed in a solid box. I have only used two different cutters so far, on very thick MDF and ply and they just sailed through very easily and with now problems. Easy to assemble the tool, and just as importantly to take apart and store. Great value, and if you shop around, a terrific price!

kým: Zach


Good bit of kit at a reasonable price for the average DIYer.

kým: Robin L


Brilliant piece of kit, all the sizes you could ever need. Robustly made and should last for years. Thanks Silverline.

kým: John D


Good quality holesaw set, with a wide range of sizes. I needed the larger sizes for some large downlights I was installing, they cut very cleanly and quickly. The reinforcing plate is an excellent idea and definitely stabilizes the larger cutters. I would recommend this product for both trade and DIY

kým: E S


This tool set is budget priced. However it punches above its weight. For the cost it is a good middle of the road quality with the ability to perform well in the home DIY environment.

kým: Ian S


Impressed so far. Have used the 76mm cutter for 12 holes in pine internal fixings and it’s atill cutting fast and sharp. Good quality set for robust use

kým: Shaun


Much better quality than some of the cheaper kits. Some other kits are off centre leading to a wobble when cutting but not this kit. Big range of sizes included too. Great.

kým: William B


It broke the first time I used it.

kým: George G


I needed to cut some holes for downlights in our kitchen and ordered this hole set from Amazon. It arrived promptly and the holes are cut with the lights fitted. Looks a treat. Lifetime guarantee was a bonus! Excellent product at a fantastic price.

kým: Ernest P


Good range of hole cutting sizes,supplied in a robust case and work well for lighter metal, wood and plasterboard,works well for what they are designed for. All in all a good buy only downside is the cutting depth could do with being a bit deeper

kým: STEVE


Very good, like a hot knife though butter when drilling hole for extractor

kým: Gary s


Great price. Wide range of sizes, more than most sets. Lifetime guarantee is icing on the cake. Would recommend

kým: Kelvin P


Never had any problems with any Silverline products, this hole cutter is no exception. Cut clean fast and true into vehicle plastic, ready to fit a pair of daytime lamps (DRL). Have bought other products previously over years, no issues with any so far.

kým: s j


only just purchased these so have not used them yet,but it looks a very sturdy tool indeed,much better than those weak tinny things you can buy.

kým: Michael


Holesaw ok for plasterboard, but not great in wood. Very slow cutting.

kým: Pete s


Very good value, sturdy, excellent wood working tool.

Doživotní záruka

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