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Vodící pouzdro pro kapesní spoje

6, 8 & 10 mm

€ 9.83 Ex VAT

  • Vytváří pevné a přesné šroubové a kolíkové kapesní spoje
  • Obsahuje vrtací pouzdra 6, 8 a 10 mm
  • Creates holes at a 15° angle
  • Includes pairs of 6, 8 & 10mm guides
  • Use pocket-hole plugs to create an invisible joint

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Informace o produktu

Povrch Polished, dry rust resistance coating
Způsob konstrukce Cut and milled
Hmotnost 0.163kg

Klíčové vlastnosti

Vytváří pevné a přesné šroubové a kolíkové kapesní spoje. Obsahuje vrtací pouzdra 6, 8 a 10 mm a umožňuje vyplnění otvoru spojovacím kolíkem.

Balení obsahuje

  • 1 x Pocket-Hole Jig
  • 6 x Reduction bores (6, 8 and 10mm)

Hodnocení zákazníků

kým: Robin


Cheap and easy to use. Few test pieces to refine the toll position for the ideal pocket and then it’s easy and repeatable. Guides could be a tighter tolerance on drills to improve accuracy. But for the price. Can’t complain.

kým: Peter G


Innovatives Produkt, ein Muss für jeden Heimwerker. Simpel in der Anwendung und damit sehr Empfehlenswert.

kým: Michael T


Fits nicely in the pocket easy to use and a fantastic piece of kit would recommend to anyone

kým: Graeme S


Well made - precise - excellent value for money.

kým: Tom


This Jig has great quality. It''s simple to use and the different adapters that come with this Jig make it flexible to use. I recommend it . You can buy other brands but they more expensive and don''t have anymore benefits as the Silverline Pocket-Hole Jig

kým: Marc


Nice piece of equipment. Does a good job at an economical price

kým: Bill M


This is my first pocket-jig. I''m new to woodworking and found this very easy to understand and use. It''s added anew level of capability to my projects, and I''ll be using it a lot. The lifetime gaurentee is an added bonus and a mark of the confidence silver line have in their products.

kým: Michael H


Bought this jig to do two repairs. Did those and realised how simple it made other joining jobs seem. Now I have started making toolboxes, jewellry boxes, bookcases and all sorts of projects. No glue required .This piece of kit is so, so SIMPLES to use. Helps even the basic DIYer get perfect joints. Life is so Happy. Something similar advertised on TV for £99.98 Toolstation sell them for £5.55. Get on down.

kým: Jeff


Great item does the job spot in

kým: Danielle K


I was looking for a product that was easy to use and I could take with me. Some jig''s that I''ve seen have built in clamps but that limits the size wood you can use of twists and breaks off! I like building small things for my house and this tool is helpful! Thanks!

kým: Pete W


Wish I had bought this years ago. Lovely & useful little bit of kit.

kým: james p


Good little tool that really is helpful. Makes joints so much quicker and accurate too

kým: Peter F


Excellent quality of construction, it was purchased as a back-up to the standard Dowelling-jig but not needed for the current project but I can envisage using it in the not too distant future.

kým: Pete W


Great little addition to toolkit. Perfect holes every time. Wish I had bought it years before.

kým: Matt P


It is a great value bit if kit.

kým: Mike


A very useful tool. Once I had worked out how to use it I found it very easy to use and accurate enough for my purposes. (DIY). I am not sure (unless you are a professional needing to produce pocket holes all day long) why you would spend any more. Good value for money.

kým: mike T


Nice piece of equipment. Does a good job at an economical price

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