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Druckluftnagler/-tacker, 32 mm

18 Gauge

€ 46.25 ZZGL. MWST

  • Aus leichtem Aluminium mit gummiertem Weichgriff
  • Für Polstermöbel, Veredelungsarbeiten, Kunstgewerbe, Verkleidungen, Möbelbau usw.
  • Sicherheitsauslöser verhindert unbeabsichtigtes Schießen von Klammern oder Nägel
  • Für 18-Gauge-Stiftnägel und Tackerklammern von 10–32 mm Länge
  • Inklusive 1/4-Zoll-Bajonett-Schnellkupplung

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18 Bewertungen

Technische Daten

Luftverbrauch 4–6 cfm
Aufnahme 1/4-Zoll-Schnellkupplung
Griffausführung Gummi
Weitere Materialien Aluminiumgehäuse
Gewicht 1,10 kg


Aus leichtem Aluminium mit gummiertem Weichgriff. Ideal für Polstermöbel, Veredelungsarbeiten, Kunstgewerbe, Verkleidungen, Möbelbau usw. Sicherheitsauslöser verhindert unbeabsichtigtes Schießen von Klammern oder Nägeln. Für 18-Gauge-Stiftnägel und Typ-90- und Typ-A-Tackerklammern von 10–32 mm Länge. Arbeitsdruck: 4–7 bar (60–100 psi). Inklusive 1/4-Zoll-Bajonett-Schnellkupplung.


  • Druckluftnagler/-tacker, 32 mm
  • 1/4-Zoll-Schnellkupplung
  • Flasche Druckluftöl
  • 2 Sechskantschlüssel
  • Bedienungsanleitung


von: Glen


Really nice...piece of kit. Just remember to add your oil before you use. We constructed a Hen shed from start to finish, no probs at all, worked really well :)

von: ken w


nice tool to use light easy to load easy to use can not fault the tool

von: Michel D


Je me demande comment j''''ai pu m''''en passer jusque maintenant !

von: Glenn W


My first silver line purchase that has since prompted me to buy several other products. Good quality nailer that has ran very well with only one blockage that was probably my fault with low pressure. Simple to clear it though with 3 screws. Will not hesitate to buy silver line products and with 3 years warranty you can''t go far wrong.

von: Glenn s


Very good all round

von: Paul M


This is the second nailer I have purchased, pleased with the first one. I now have a spare as I do use this nailer regularly . I would highly recommend this nailer, inexpensive but a reliable and superb piece of equipment

von: Ruben G


Does what it says on the tin, at a great price, I''m impressed! Well done Silverline!

von: lodewijk


het is een perfect stukje gereedschap en doet aan allen verwachtingen die wij goed kunnen gebruiken in ons werk

von: Philippe G


Tout à fait satisfait du produit qui fonctionne très bien et me permet de travailler vite.

von: David R


Great item good value very well made a must for the worksho

von: Terry G


I have used this product a couple of times and it works very well. Too early to tell it''s longevity but so far would highly recommend.

von: Mike B


We all love to buy trade rated tools but mostly the price is way outside the average DIYers budget, I always look for Silverline when I need a new tool. My latest acquisition, an Air Stapler/Nailer, is excellent, does exactly what it claims, cleanly and neatly, well built, it feels solid and of good quality. I have a lot of Silverline tools and accessories and will continue to source them when I am looking for any others, good quality at a very reasonable price.

von: Jurij


I bought a stapler less than a year ago, the shock part broke. Where can I order a shock part with a piston?

von: julien l


super outil bonne qualité je très content des outils silverline bravo et merci !!!!!!

von: julien l


très bon outil je suis content

von: Tony D


I needed a tool to fix some new cross members to my wooden vertilap fence panels, as the ones on the bottom of the fence panel had rotted away. I had tried using an electrical nailer in the past for fixing some other fence panels, but it was useless as the tool jammed after every five or six staples were used, so I took it back to the shop for a refund. My son offered to lend me this Silverline Stapler to see if it was any better than the electric one had been, as he had purchased this Silverline tool for fixing some trim in his camper van. Reluctantly I decided to give it a try. There is no comparison. I " fired" over 200 x 25mm staples in to my fence panels (2 into each board) and the nailer didn''t jam once. In my opinion this Nailer/Stapler represents excellent value for money, and I highly recommend it.

von: Charles


I''ve only been using this tool for a couple of weeks, but it''s surprisingly reliable, and strongly built. I purchased it as my first Air nailer, and have been suing it on a 24L compressor, it works just fine. I would however, next time, purchase a tool that accepts longer nails / staples, for stronger bonds. Another reason that motivated this purchase was its price: very, very, very competitive !!

von: Peter S


This is a very light tool to use,it does not have a ''kick'' like most nail guns and works well on my air compressor,no need for excessive pressure from gun to worksurface,and not that noisy as my last cordless gun.

Drei Jahre Garantie

Dieser Silverline-Artikel Druckluftnagler/-tacker, 32 mm verfügt über eine 30-tägige Garantie ab Kaufdatum, die ihn gegen Mängel infolge von Material- oder Verarbeitungsfehlern absichert. Um Ihre Drei Jahre Garantie wirksam werden zu lassen, registrieren Sie Ihren Artikel bitte auf der Silverline-Webseite. Mangelhafte Artikel werden kostenlos ersetzt oder repariert.

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