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Druckluft-Fettpresse, 400 cm3

280 mm

€ 32.47 ZZGL. MWST

  • Strapazierfähige Druckgussdüse und verchromtes Fettpressenrohr aus Stahl
  • Ausgangsdruck: 60–190 bar
  • Betriebsdruck: 2–6,3 bar
  • Befüllung wahlweise mit losem Schmierfett oder 400-cm3-Füllpumpe
  • Inkl. 1/4-Zoll-Schnellkupplung, Panzerschlauch und flexiblem Panzerschlauch

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Technische Daten

Kartuschengröße 400 cc/280 mm
Aufnahme 1/4-Zoll-Bayonettanschluss
Ausführung Lackiert
Griffausführung Lackiert
Gewicht 1,47 kg


Druckluft-Fettpresse mit Düse aus Druckguss und verchromtem Fettpressenrohr aus Stahl. Kann wahlweise mit losem Fett oder mit Kartuschen verwendet werden. Inklusive flexibler und steifer Düsenverlängerung. Kartuschenlänge: 280 mm. Mit 1/4-Zoll-Bajonett-Schnellkupplungen für Großbritannien und europ. Festland. Luftverbrauch: max. 113 l/min.


  • Druckluft-Fettpresse
  • Flexibler Panzerschlauch
  • Panzerschlauch
  • GB-Schnellkupplung
  • EU-Schnellkupplung
  • Bedienungsanleitung


von: David P


Used the gun on my field tractor, trailer and lawn tractor as soon as I got it filled and hooked up to my compressor. They have been rather overlooked for some time due the arduos, long and tiring job using a manual lever operated gun. So simple to use and grease was seen to issue from all bearings in minutes.

von: jayne


Found this a real asset over the normal hand pump gun.just push on the end and pull the trigger and its done ! even the hard to reach nipples become easy as once your on the nipple you are not fighting to pump as you would with an ordinary gun well recommended

von: Luke


Have not have one problem with this tool and a good price

von: Tim H


Really happy with the air grease gun, makes life so much easier. Used everyday since purchasing with no problems. Like the fact that it comes supplied with fittings and a 3 year warranty.

von: Pauline W


Hello We purchased our first one from Amazon in December and grease poured out of every opening!! but not the nozzle. Amazon sent us another free of charge on the 5th February, which we have used once and so far it seems okay. Very impressed with Amazon''s treatment of this purchase. We also registered this product on line for the three year guarantee and also chased up with a further e mail, but to date no response, so we would appreciate acknowledgement of this.

von: Donnacha S


Excellent quality tool works really well, fast and efficient. Only sorry did not get tool sooner.

Drei Jahre Garantie

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