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120 cm3

€ 15.19 ZZGL. MWST

  • In zwei Positionen verstellbarer Schlauchverbinder
  • Federgespannter Luftkolben und Entlüftungsventil
  • Ein Panzer- und ein Flexschlauch im Lieferumfang enthalten
  • Zur Verwendung mit Mini-Fettkartuschen mit 90 cm3 Füllvermögen
  • Sicherer Arbeitsdruck: 200 bar

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Technische Daten

Fassungsvermögen 120 cm3
Ausführung Verchromt
Gewicht 0,722 kg
Leistung 90 cm³ pro Kartusche
Weitere Materialien Gummi- und Kunststoffkolben
psi/bar Max. 310,26 bar


Verchromte Fettpresse mit Pistolengriff. In zwei Positionen verstellbarer Schlauchverbinder. Federgespannter Kolben und Entlüftungsventil. Ein Panzer- und ein Flexschlauch im Lieferumfang enthalten. Zur Verwendung mit Mini-Fettkartuschen mit 90 cm3 Füllvermögen. Sicherer Arbeitsdruck: 200 bar.


  • Panzerschlauch
  • Flexschlauch


von: Raymond


Filled with grease as per instructions,,,wont pump grease just leaks past plunger and comes out other end

von: Stephen M


I purchased this grease gun in good faith that it would allow me to grease the nipples of my automised driveway gates. I followed the instructions and applied the nozzle to the first nipple, squeezed the trigger to insert grease and then tried to remove the nozzle as instructed. Instead of uncoupling the nozzle, the nipple sheered off so now I have a broken nipple on one gate and a nipple I can’t remove from the nozzle.

von: John


The instruction leaflet is semi incomprehensible. Why is the tool supplied with parts incorrectly fitted? The flexible hose spat one of its fittings off the first time I used it. 200bar? as a scuba diver I know what a 200 bar fitting is... this isn''t. Cheapo tool, I imagine not made in England, Germany or USA. Spend more money and get a decent one is my advice.

von: John L


I discovered that it''s almost impossible to fit the flexible delivery hose to the operating head. The 12mm hexagonal nut part is simply too large and it presses down on the operating handle return spring. This stops the hose being fitted straight into the hole and can damage the head - which then allows grease to leak round it.

von: Roger C


What can I say? It works and goes on working. The flexible delivery pipe is an added bonus

von: PAGOT J


It is a very good product. Very simple to use. The manual is simple and well illustrated.

von: Alan


Waste of money. No instructions with the tool, and none to be had from the company. Completely failed to get any useful function from the tool.

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