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150 mm

€ 5.27 ZZGL. MWST

  • Aus hochwertigem Edelstahl
  • Zur sicheren Aufbewahrung von Schrauben, Muttern und metallischen Kleinteilen
  • Mit weicher, nicht abzeichnender Basis

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5 von fünf Sternen
9 Bewertungen

Technische Daten

Ausführung Poliertes Edelstahl
Weitere Materialien Benötigt Magnet mit gummierter Beschichtung
Gewicht 0,297 kg


Aus Edelstahl mit weicher Basis. Haftet sicher an magnetischen Oberflächen, ohne diese zu beschädigen.


  • Magnetwanne


von: Robert L


Great product and does the job well. Would recommend

von: Pablo S


Una bandeja muy útil y que te da un salto de calidad en tus trabajos. Todos los tornillos siempre a mano. Se pega en cualquier lado incluso boca abajo y tiene suficiente fuerza para sujetar varias herramientas.

von: david e


a must for keeping screws, washers, bolts altogether in one place no hunting for the missing screw

von: Miroslaw


This is pretty much a perfect execution of a simple idea. The tray looks surprisingly good, the magnet is very strong and the overall quality is superb - not at all what I expected considering the price.

von: Gilles P


As usual... Excellent !

von: Gilles


Regarding to the price, this tray is excellent and very useful

von: Rafael N


This tray is great. The magnet is very strong and you can put it over any metallic surface without marking it thanks to its rubberized base. You will never lose a bolt again!

von: Simon H


Great quality. Decent size and high sides on the bowl. Rubber protection on the magnet is good. The magnet also is very strong holding nuts and bolts well and the dish itself to the car body etc. I haven''''t lost any nuts, bolts, sockets or small tools since I''''ve had it!

von: Terry


I bought this because I had a bolt, and then I didn’t, it fell in a place too much hassle to get at so I went and paid LandRover silly money for a new one. This tray grabs the wing of the car with a strong grip, paint work is protected by a layer of rubber it then firmly holds (or it would have if I’d bought it before starting the job) the bolt until needed. Its a great bit of kit, very strong and very shiny, its stuck on my fridge door right now. When you get one you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

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