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Wire Wheel & Cup Brush Set 6pk

1/4 in. Shank

  • 0.3mm dia high tensile brassed steel wire
  • For rust & paint removal, descaling, deburring & preparation of welding seams
  • For metal & stone working, cleaning, surface preparation & fabrication tasks
  • For use with power drills
  • Includes 2 x 38, 1 x 50, 63 & 75mm wheels & 50mm cup brush (6mm shank)

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Product Specification

Max RPM 8,500rpm
Material - Secondary Construction Steel wire
Material - Bristle Brassed steel wire
Gauge 0.3mm
Hardened Yes
Abrasive Connection Crimped wheel
Finish Polished
Method of Construction Concentric cups and crimped between discs
Product Weight 0.280kg
Bristle Length 8 - 15mm

Key Features

High tensile brassed steel wire, 0.3mm diameter, for rust and paint removal, descaling, deburring and preparation of welding seams. For metal and stone working, cleaning, surface preparation and fabrication tasks. Use with power drills. 6mm shank. 2 x 38, 1 x 50, 63 and 75mm wheels and 50mm cup brush.

Box Contents

  • 2 x 38mm Wire wheel brush
  • 1 x 50mm Wire wheel brush
  • 1 x 63mm Wire wheel brush
  • 1 x 75mm Wire wheel brush
  • 1 x 50mm Wire cup brush

Customer Ratings

By: Boris


my brake caliper were rusty. I could clean my 4 effortless ! Awesome!

By: George C


I am redecorating and taking all the old paint off the handrail in the stairway. Most of the paint(about 6 layers) has been stripped chemically but the remains are being removed by wire brushes and electric drill. The wire brushes are doing a great job of removing the most stubborn paint.

Silverline Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

This Silverline Wire Wheel & Cup Brush Set 6pk is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from date of purchase against a fault developing in either the materials or the workmanship during manufacture. You can register for your Lifetime guarantee by registering your product online. Any faulty goods will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

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