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900 W lamellenfrees

900 W (UK)

€ 83.23 EXCL. BTW

  • Sterke aluminium geleider met een hoekbereik van 0º - 135º
  • Heldere, gemakkelijk af te lezen schalen en uit-stand vergrendelknop
  • Voor harde en zachte houtsoorten
  • Stofpoort met stofzak
  • Compatibel met nr. 0, nr.10 en nr. 20 lamellen

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Product specificaties

Blad diameter 100 mm
Hoogte bereik 0 - 30 mm
IP waardering IP20
Vermogen 900 W
Onbelaste snelheid 10.800 min-1
Stofpoort Ja
Gewicht 3,55 kg
Afschuiningsbereik 0 - 135°
Maximale zaagdiepte 0 - 19 mm
Materiaal - beschermkap Aluminium geleider

Product beschrijving

Deze betaalbare 900 W lamellenfrees levert uitstekende resultaten met een hoogwaardige afwerking en dat voor een goede prijs.

Er zijn maar weinig manieren voor het creëren van verbindingen die effectiever zijn dan het gebruik van lamellen. De eerste geniale lamellenverbinding werd gecreëerd in 1956 in een kleine werkplaats in Zwitserland met de eerste lamellenfrees. Vandaag de dag wordt deze manier veelvuldig gebruikt. Met het gebruik van de 900 W lamellenfrees voltooid u deze werken binnen no time!

Het in elkaar zetten van kasten en andere meubels is een fluitje van een cent dankzij de professionele eigenschappen van deze lamellenfrees.

De boordiepte is uiterst nauwkeurig tussen 0-19 mm af te stellen en sterke aluminium geleider geeft een afschuiningsbereik van 0-135°, voor het boren van vele verschillende gaten.

Compatibel met maat 0, 10 en 20 lamellen, als Silverline producten 245065, 457012 en 598520.

Doos inhoud

  • 1 x Lamellenfrees, 900 W
  • 1 x Zeskantsleutel
  • 1 x Stofzak
  • 1 x Beschermkap
  • 1 x Reserve koolstofborstels
  • 1 x Handleiding

Klanten reviews

Door: Robbie H


Great price but biscuits are a bit tight

Door: Peter A


The first one was broken in one day but sevice is great ! the second one is still going !!



Good product, easy to use

Door: Norman D


I bought the 900W biscuit jointer to help me with large picture framing. Because of the cost of buying frames or having them made, I decided to have and go and make them myself. However it was difficult to joint the large frames with traditional methods so I decided to purchase the biscuit jointer. It has proved a very easy tool to use, it is robust but manageable and I have so far successfully produced half a dozen perfect frames. I have bought several Silverline products in the past so knew it would be reliable, well made and a good price.

Door: Peter


Good working robust machine

Door: Steve S


Excellent value for money would suit a DIY person easy to use used it several times and still gives a good clean cut would recommend this product especially at the price

Door: derek h


made my diy jobs so much easier brilliant tool

Door: Ron


Worst quality tool I have ever purchased. When I received it, it would not retract after cutting a buiscuit slot. Dissassembeled it to see problem and the tool hase been fitted together with what seems to be an angle grinder as the sliding fitting was binding Tried to get warranty service but Silverline want me to return it to UK at my expense which would cost close to the cost of the tool. Will throw it in the garbage as it is not usable, even dangerous. Will never buy another Silverline tool.

Door: Shaun M


Polite,business-like ,fast delivery not the cheapest but good quality.

Door: Dave


I am only a hobby wood worker and this is my first attempt at biscuit joinery. This is the bees knees so easy to use. It seems solidly made and so far I happy with it.

Door: Keith t


Bought one of these about 2 weeks ago familiarised myself with it and my conclusion of it is that alot of improvements to the quality of it without much cost would make it alot better machine 1 put a decent blade in it 2 put a metal bottom plate not plastic on it 3 make the depth gauge relate to biscuit sizes i.e. 0 10 20 Not much really is it without much cost

Door: Mike P


I brought this because it was very reasonably price and after doing a lot of research fitted in with what I do in my workshop, the Biscuit Joiner is 900 watt which is plenty of power, the tool is very well build and the feel when using it is very comfortable, the setting are well mark on the cutter and the instruction for use are layout very well and easy to understand, also a lot of videos on the internet and silverline have there own channel on YouTube . The power cord or wire is over six feet which is plenty long enough, the cutting for the biscuits is spot on and the dust bag does the job Just build some cupboards for the workshop and I am more than pleased. I would recommend this tool to anyone thinking of buying or replacing an older tool.

Door: Gordon C


Have only used it three times but it does what I want it to do. Sturdy tool.

Door: Jesus M


Contento con la máquina

Door: Martin w


Great tool really pleased with it .

Door: M.wykes


Absolutely useless made 12 joints and motor seized up had not registered for warranty as Christmas present and too old from date of purchase to register don''t know about industrial quality it''s not worth the space it takes up in the workshop

Door: Mike L


For the price a good sturdy machine that feels it will stand the test of time used in the DIY environment. Reasonably easy to adjust the settings but do not rely on the scales provided. This really applies to all low end machines. A good ruler used accurately will produce good results. The depth adjustment is not marked with the "0", "10", "20" biscuits sizes but 0,2,4,12,19,7,5. Haven''t worked why but settled on a number that gave me a close fitting for the biscuit size I was using. I found I had to adjust the depth stop slightly to ensure a good fit but again this was a fairly easy thing to do. It produces a clean cut. So far the blade seems fine but have only used it with softwoods so far. All in all a good machine for the price and a lot better than some of the more expensive machines I looked at. One Happy Chappie.

3 jaar Garantie

Dit product is voorzien van 30 dagen garantie vanaf de aankoopdatum, tegen materiaal- en vakmanschapfouten tijdens de productie. U kunt uw product online registreren voor het verlengen van de garantie. Defecte machines worden vrij van kosten gerepareerd of vervangen.

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