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Hogedrukreiniger pistool en lans

€ 18.74 EXCL. BTW

  • Vervangende hogedrukreiniger pistool en lans
  • Bajonetaansluiting
  • Compatibel met de 105 bar en 135 bar Silverline hogedrukreinigers.

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Product specificaties

Gewicht 0,586 kg
Tand/segment formaat 880 mm

Product beschrijving

Vervangend pistool en lans voor de 105 bar en 135 bar Silverline hogedrukreinigers.

Doos inhoud

  • Hogedrukreiniger pistool en lans

Klanten reviews

Door: a b


Bought this because I have a Silverline pressure washer. Hope this gun lasts longer than the original one as I use it only occasionally.

Door: J.denton


A great little pressure washer light easy to use perfect for the diy enthusiast and the price is right too

Door: Victor B



Door: Richard E


The hose from my 2000W Challenge Xtreme, bought from Homebase several years ago, developed leaks along its length. Searched and found this hose and lance. Read other reviews and seemd OK. It arrived ahead of schedule - good! Opened the package and the bag containing the lance and hose had already been slit open - not a problem! There was evidence of water in the hose - no problem! Put it all together on the jet washer (a little PTFE spray eased the o-ring seal) and hay presto it works an absolute treat. The trigger handle becomes a bit stiff to ''click'' on but once on it does the job well. With adjustable spray width adjustment. PERFECT! And at a good price too.

Door: Peter S


My B&Q pressure washer lance was never much good and of course no spares were unavailable when it finally fell apart. Silverline parts are always available and are not that expensive. The lance arrived quickly, fitted perfectly and it very good quality. Works very well. Would recommend.

Door: Andy D


The spray gun works exactly as you''d expect. My only gripe if anything is the fan spray isn''t very uniform, possibly down to the poor adjustment on the fan plates.

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