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2-delige oliefiltersleutel set

500 en 600 mm

€ 13.48 EXCL. BTW

  • Voor het los en vastdraaien van oliefilters, PVC leidingen en slangaansluitingen
  • De banden laten geen strepen achter
  • Zachte, antislip rubberen grip

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Product specificaties

Afwerking Glad plastic
Hoofdhandvat afwerking Plastic met dubbele dichtheid
Materiaal - secundaire constructie TPR / Polyproyleen gevormde handvaten
Gewicht 0,090 kg, 0,254 kg

Product beschrijving

Voor het los- en vastdraaien van oliefilters, PVC leidingen en het openen van slangaansluitingen. De banden laten geen strepen achter en houden fijne afwerkingen onbeschadigd. Zachte, antislip rubberen grip.

Doos inhoud

  • 1 x 500 mm oliefiltersleutel
  • 1 x 600 mm oliefiltersleutel

Klanten reviews

Door: Tony


I had a very large jar with a lid I couldn''t move. Couldn''t find a jar lid opener big enough any where until I found thius Silverline tool. It worked fine. One tool on the jar and one on the lid. Opened it straight away with no problems. A tool well worth having

Door: Hugh F


Tried to remove tap cover and it wouldn’t move. Left it 24 hours after applying penetrating oil but still no joy. Bought the wretched. The rubber got a good purchase and the tap cover unscrewed quite easily. Right tool for the job. Rest of the washer replacement was straight forward. Overall took me 15 minutes.

Door: David S


Does what it says good grip no marks

Door: dupire


font bien le job paraissent solides caoutchouc epais

Door: Ian H


Bought these to help remove the collar on a cartridge mixer tap. Smaller wrench did the job well although struggled a little due to the curved shape of the collar. Items appear simple yet robust and envisage using both for other jobs in the future.

Door: Richard H


Unfortunately I have to say that the strap wrench broke, I think that there was a faulty strap on the large wrench. Shame as it looks like a pretty good piece of kit.

Door: Andrew M


I purchased these strap wrenches through Toolstation at a competitive price and the usual next day delivery. I have used the larger strap so far and found that the rubber strap was not as grippy as I had hoped on a 100mm plastic drainage pipe to twist a push fit connection, and unfortunately would not do that particular job. I subsequently found that the strap appeared to be inserted in the handle the wrong way around with the tension webbing being on the inside next to the item to be gripped, rather that the thicker gripping rubber being on the inside. Easy job to turn it around and it worked OK on my next job.

Door: Peter L


Very good tool does what it is supposed to do

Door: Alastair B


These strap wrenches appear to be well made and ideal for turning anything that has a delicate or easily damaged surface. Well pleased

Door: Brian


Was very easy to use and did the job with minutes of opening the pack. A great investment.

Door: Dave P


needed a strap wrench to undo tap housing. thought this set (with 2 wrenches) would be fine. on 1st use, the 600mm tool strap snapped, so will be making a warranty claim.

Door: G. C


Bought these wrenches to work on water taps, have used them to open jar''s and I would think they would do the job on oil filter''s. They are easy to use and a great product plus are guaranteed forever.

Door: J L


This double package the smaller size gets into the smaller places the larger does a big job A very practical package.

Door: Robert


Great to use on oil filters and magnetic central heating filters

Door: Barrie S


I ordered these from Silverline since other suppliers’ equivalents had several negative reviews referring to breaking of the rubber strap. The Silverline ones have thick strong straps and I’ve already easily loosened a plastic plumbing joint I couldn’t loosen manually.

Door: Robert


Bought this product and found it made the job of changing a filter easy.

Door: B.Marks


Die Gurtschlüssel sind mit einem Kautschukriemen versehen. Dieser ist nicht ganz so stabil wie ein Lederriemen. Für die meisten Arbeiten aber geeignet. Habe eine Muffe mit Durchmesser 20 cm fest gezogen. Hat funktioniert.

Door: Billy N


Takes a very good hold, leaves no marks and grips securely. Excellent for a range of different difficult unscrewing jobs.

Door: William N


does what it says makes removing filters easy

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