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3-delige vijlen set

Halfzoet, 250 mm

€ 12.86 EXCL. BTW

  • Platte, ronde en half ronde vijlen
  • Soft-grip handvaten
  • Hanggaten

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Product specificaties

Gehard Gehard
Gewicht 0,79 kg

Product beschrijving

Platte, ronde en half ronde halfzoete vijlen. Soft-grip handvaten met hanggaten.

Klanten reviews

Door: Andrew M


Sturdy tools at the right price. Made short work of fixing a sticky door.

Door: Jake H


The files work well and can be used with both wood and metal. My only complaint is there isn''t much rubber on the handles, so they can get a little uncomfortable with prolonged use. With that said, I can''t complain for the price so I would definitely recommend.

Door: Grahame G


Excellent set of files. The round one was especially helpful on the aluminium profile of the greenhouse I was erecting as I had to elongate several fixing holes.

Door: Rob


A basic set of files which performed better than I had anticipated. Happy customer.

Door: Richard S


A Good set Of 3 Files with both course and fine sides. Handles are light weight so do not give blisters when using. them. Great Value for money.

Door: Mark


A great file set and excellent value for money. I''ve used these for plenty of jobs around the workshop and am really pleased with them. They sit alongside other tools of varying types and cost, but these are the ''go to'' files everytime. A lifetime warranty too! Don''t hesitate, just buy a set!

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