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2-delige moersplijter set

2 - 15 mm en 15 - 22 mm

€ 12.67 EXCL. BTW

  • Voor het verwijderen van roestige moeren
  • Chroom molybdene bladen
  • Sterk gesmeed frame

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Product specificaties

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Gehard Ja
Gewicht 0,169 kg, 0,395 kg
Materiaal - secundaire constructie Gesmeed staal

Product beschrijving

Stalen moersplijters met chroom molybdene bladen. 2-15 mm en 15-22 mm.

Doos inhoud

  • 1 x moersplijter: 15 - 22 mm
  • 1 x moersplijter: 2 - 15 mm

Klanten reviews

Door: John. T


Don''t know what I''d have done without this tool, I don''t have the heat treatment needed for this type of job,it certainly took me out of a "tight" spot,

Door: Michael Y


The nut splitter is a cracking tool to own. I have found it invaluable when working on old cars and bikes, often you come across a rusty nut that has rounded with age and the spanner slipping. Out comes my Nut Splitter, job done.

Door: paul h


I purchased these as I always buy silver line tools they have never let me down and are designed to last and do there job very well super value for money brought these for half the price for one in Charlie''s stores would recommend any one to purchase silver line tools I also love the lifetime guarantee

Door: Martin S


Bought this nut splitter to help with the restoration of a car, this tool is totally indispensable when working on old cars, it save a huge amount of time and effort and saves damaging parts. If you have not got one in you arsenal of tools its about time you bought one!!

Door: Jeremy G


Excellent- easy to use my nuts have never been so easy to remove

Door: Martin K


Nice clean looking design, which does exactly what it says on the packet. Easy to use, saves a lot of time trying to loosen a nut with lubricants.

Door: John


Good price for a good item.

Door: chris b


does the job at a great price

Door: John


cuts through nuts with ease would recomend

Door: Gari M


absolutely brilliant tool don''t know how I managed all those years without one

Door: olivier


this nut case is really excellent quality, it is very strong, and very good, very happy with my purchase

Door: John


splitter done the job with great ease

Door: Michael W


This nut splitter set was a great addition to my toolbox. It works well except on very hard and old nuts - then I used an angle grinder first and then the nut splitter and it worked well.

Door: Arit S


Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Door: David W


badly put together cheap grubscrew that easily shears

Door: David w


cheap locking screw that sheared on first use causing nut splitting blade to twist and shatter

Door: Simon


Had to use this to remove a stuffed nut on a mk3 mondeo where I couldn''t get an angle grinder in. Got the nut off no problem with nearly 0 damage to the blade.

Door: Dean


Used the larger of the two splitters on a 21mm nut, I began to tighten and the screw that keeps the blade straight snapped and got stuck in the threads which made it even more difficult to tighten. It didn’t crack the nut but it did loosen it just about to get a few more loosening turns, had to result to a grinder in the end.

Door: william D


great items and great service

Door: mark j


I have used these nut-splitters several times and they are quick easy and effective additions to my tool kit

Door: Stephen M


Really good quality Tool did the job quite easily, It arrived when they said it would, and it was in excellent condition. I would recommend them to anyone.

Door: John


Bought this 2 part set for one particular job for removing a seized 21mm nut on my car suspension after splitting a quality rated socket, It performed well on splitting the nut and allowing the removal of the offending item. I have only used this once, but I am happy to have this in my toolkit.

Door: Trevor O


I found the nut splitter brilliant much easier than trying to undo rusted nuts.

Door: Paul s


Absolutely brilliant bit of kit

Door: Alberto


I purchased it because i had a problem with a nut of a steering rack. A 13mm 8.8 quality. It cut the nut without problem and very easy

Door: Gonzalo R


Amazing! It works perfect!

Door: Robert B


Before I purchased this product I read 3 reviews on your website. Two were very positive but the third said the splitter was blunt after cutting one copper nut. I really can''t understand the problem that the third reviewer had! I split 14 steel nuts with no problem at all. It cut through the nuts easily and it seems to be as sharp now as when I started. As they say, "It does what it says on the tin"

Door: michael w


what can I say brilliant piece of kit

Door: Huw W


A useful tool at a competitive price, sorted the problem with ease.

Door: Clive


Very good quality and value for money. Went through nuts like butter.

Door: Adonis


Very good materials and good finishing. I just added some grease to the screw to ensure a smooth work. I used the big one to break a 16mm nut. It worked very well and with almost no effort.

Door: Mikey


Only used a handful of times to get me out of trouble. Seems to be a well built tool and works perfectly.

Door: Graham E


I have owned better quality splitters than these previously. After only two uses the point is becoming blunt and bent.

Levenslang Garantie

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