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Skalpel a 24 čepelí

150 mm

€ 4.16 Ex VAT

  • Vroubkovaná mosazná špička
  • Dávkovač a pouzdro na použité čepele
  • Sturdy plastic case with disposal compartment
  • Ideal for papercrafts & scrapbooking
  • Includes 24 spare blades

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Informace o produktu

Povrch Smooth
Hmotnost 0.041kg

Klíčové vlastnosti

Vroubkovaná mosazná špička pro snadné uchopení. Obsahuje 24 náhradních čepelí, dávkovač a pouzdro na použité čepele.

Balení obsahuje

  • 1 x Plastic and brass blade holder with knurled grip

Hodnocení zákazníků

kým: Niv B


Bought this for use building a model kit and it''s excellent. Confortable to hold and has a good grip on the blade. Also comes with many many spare blades. A really fantastic product.

kým: Ryan y


Bought this craft knife/scalpel to replace one of our cheapy ones from pound shop, I can say for the price this is the best one I''ve purchased to date. Great build quality, it feels strong and sturdy, easy to hold with the ergonomic grip and the 25 included blades make it a top bargain. Thanks silverline 😊

kým: Patrick C


I bought the wonderful well made and solid crafters knife and it not only feels snug and sud but just does everything you could need from it With the extra box of blades this knife will serve me well for many years to come . Silverline yet again deliver on just what we all really need .

kým: Nathanael J


This was the cheapest scalpel set I could find online, and it also has about 25 more blades than some others! Its incredibly high quality for it''s price, the knurled brass is comfortable and the blades very durable and secure. I use this for paper cutting with ease, it cuts straight through paper and very quickly through card. Looking forward to using this on some cake icing now...

kým: Elliott


Great scalpel for a great price, blades are so sharp so you hardly need to change the blades. The curve in the handle is really handy for making intricate cuts as well and a great metal grip. The lifetime guarantee is amazing too.

kým: Gill c


I''''m doing some papercutting for my Christmas cards and needed a knife/scalpel that could cut through thick paper/thin card without blunting too quickly. This seemed a decent price and with 25 blades, all the same, just what I needed. Most craft knives seem to come with a selection of blades, most of which I would not use (not for this purpose anyway). The little yellow box is secure and not fragile (so I didn''''t end up playing 25 blade pick up when my cat knocked it on the floor). The shaft is plastic so not too weighty or top heavy, the collar is brass making it both strong and comfortable. In use I found the knife comfortable and accurate.

kým: Ondrej M


Quality looking lightweight and comfortable scalpel with a big pack of blades.

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