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Karosserie-Poliermaschine, 110 W, 240 mm

€ 35.78 ZZGL. MWST

  • Exzentrische Schleifbewegung
  • Extra dichter Schaumstoff-Polierteller
  • Bequeme Doppelgriffkonstruktion
  • Zum Polieren und Schwabbeln von Fahrzeugkarosserien
  • Inkl. Polierhauben aus Synthetikwolle und Synthetikfasern

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27 Bewertungen

Technische Daten

Schutzart IP 20
Leistung 110 W
Schleifscheibendurchmesser 240 mm
Leerlaufdrehzahl 3.100 min-1
Gewicht 2,095 kg


Kreisförmige Bewegungen verhindern Wirbel und Brandspuren auf Fahrzeugkarosserien. Inklusive Auftrags- und Polierhauben zum Aufziehen auf den extra dichten Schaumstoff-Polierteller mit 240 mm Durchmesser.


  • 1 Poliermaschine, 110 W
  • 1 Polierhaube aus Synthetiktextil
  • 1 Polierhaube aus Synthetikwolle
  • 1 Bedienungsanleitung


von: John S


Well made very powerful and work well

von: alan h


perfect product, labour saving works fine, makes polishing a pleasure

von: Hugh


Good product but the fixing method for the polishing bonnet would benefit from a better securing piece than tying a knot in cord.

von: alex w


Can anybody tell me the kind of knot to use to attach the polishing bonnet? 3 times now the VERY thin polyester string has wrapped itself around the drive shaft in spite of double reef knots, triple bows topped with double reef knot & more!

von: d k


does exactly what it says on the box, at a really good price :-)

von: M B


Excellent polisher for the beginner producing stunning results to my car''s paintwork. One minor suggestion if both bonnets had elasticated fitment rather than the corded/tie-on type use would be easier. If Silverline decide to make a 125-150mm version I''d be first in the queue as it would be even more versatile.

von: Brian R


Excellent machine

von: M D


Good product for the DIY''er. Pity both polishing bonnets are not elasticated as the corded one kept loosening. I wish Silverline would produce a smaller version inline with those used by professional dealers, I''m sure it would be a success.

von: Joe


Decent bit of kit, great price. Saves a lot of time vs doing by hand. Lets see how long it lasts!

von: Peter S


Brilliant product well balanced, easy to use.

von: Peter W


Perfect right price, right quality and does the job well done Silverline for a first class bit of kit!




von: Antony K


Used the product only once but works well and polished my van to a high sheen

von: Keith M


I have only used it once since I purchased it and i am suitably impressed with how easy it is to use. ( I am seventy years old) also the finish on the paint is brilliant. I was also impressed with the purchase price. I am still wuite active due to your power tools,they make life a little bit easier. Thank you. Keith from Spain.

von: Kaz


Excellent, works well and easy to handle. Very happy with this purchase.

von: susan


not had chance to use it yet as weather been rubbish so will leave a review once used

von: Gav l


Great purchase gives the paint a great polish

von: Gavin l


Bought the orbital car polisher and it''s brilliant

von: Peter L


Very good but the hardest thing is fitting the polishing cloth with the ties, the first time it came off so I put it on again this time the tie court in the motor so I had to cut free and start again

von: Kalsi


I like it but I expect more.

von: Iain


Easy to use, does a great job for the price. Highly recommended

von: Jack R


Great polisher, easy to use, saves a huge amount of effort and gives a great finish. When you''re polishing a 70ft narrowboat, these things are very important!

von: brian l


haveing only had to use on 1 accasion over a period of 2 days on my car i did find it a bit difficult to hold.but returned a great result.

von: Y. R


The results achieved exceeded out expectations. Red cars tend to fade to pink and ours was in a very bad state. The polisher was easy to use and brought the colour back to its former glory. We had to go over the worst areas a few times but it wasn''t hard work and the effort was definitely worth it.

von: PERCY


As I have COPD and heart problems I find that I can now polish my car again, I was unable to polish it because I cannot get my breath, I can now and I don''t get out of breath so much,

von: Nigel g


Very good buffer does a great job with ease

von: Des K


Excellent producy for the price. Easy to use so long as you dont put too much polish on at a time and keep it moving over the panel. Changing pads ok although velcro pads would be easier but for the price no problem.

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