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€ 24.85 ZZGL. MWST

  • Robustes Leder
  • Zusätzliche Festigkeit durch verstärkte Ösen und Bänder
  • Ledergurt mit strapazierfähiger Schnalle
  • Schürze bietet dem Träger von der Brust bis zu den Knien Schutz
  • Schutzklasse 2

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Robuste Schweißerschürze aus Leder. Zusätzliche Festigkeit durch verstärkte Ösen und Bänder. Ledergurt mit strapazierfähiger Schnalle. Schürze bietet dem Träger von der Brust bis zu den Knien Schutz. Schutzklasse 2 nach BS EN ISO 11611:2015.


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von: Carl


Nice sturdy welding apron pockets are in the correct place and metal press studs have been used to reinforce the stitching

von: marcus V


Good quality product. Leather is thick, yet supple enough for movement. The price was very good too! All in all I would buy again.

von: Doug M


The full length welder''s apron is of leather construction for maximum protection when arc, or other, welding operations. It''s two front pockets are a handy addition for holding small items of tooling that might be required readily to hand. Waist tie ribbons might have been an advantage rather than the single belt and buckle arrangement, otherwise, a very good value for money product.

von: Danieel M


Its a good product and a good service. Im fine.Its a perfect welders apron for welding

von: Derek S


A perfect welders apron for occasional welding by DIYers like myself. It has considerable substance and makes you feel safe when welding. Can also be used for other purposes with confidence.

von: Les B


Having recently got into metalwork, mainly fabrication, it became apparent that I needed a good quality apron as protection against spatter and grinding sparks. I looked at verious products before selecting the "Silverline" welders apron as probably the Best Buy in terms of quality and price. For me the apron has lived up to my expectations, it is well made with very sturdy stitching and riveting to the patching. On first wearing it felt unyealding and stiff but after a few days this is wearing off and the leather is becoming more pliable. I am quite short and this apron reaches to mid calf, unfortunately this means the patch pockets are a little low to be of practical use. However, even bearing this in mind I would say it is excellent value for money and should be seriously considered when looking for this type of protection.

von: Ivan S


really pleased wih the apron

von: Richard A


The strap is too short to be worn over outdoor clothing and the neck strap needs some method of adjusting length.

von: Richard A


The waist strap is too short particularly if you wear this over outdoor clothes - I had to put an additional bit in with some webbing and the neck strap would be much better if the length could be adjusted preferably whilst it is on.

von: akko


Personally I''ve seen these before, but never knew that they were so good. I welded for years without one, and I always had holes in my clothes. I thought I buy myself one because I had a big project coming. I wanted to build me a Rocket stove and everytime I came in the Garage I put on my Welders Apron. Fantastic during welding and even when I was grinding no problem, no holes.

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