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Schleifwalzen, 25-tlg. Satz


€ 14.05 ZZGL. MWST

  • Größen: 13, 19, 25, 38 und 50 mm
  • 20 Schleifhülsen und Gummi-Schleifwalzen
  • Zur Verwendung mit Elektro-Bohrmaschinen
  • Inklusive Tragekoffer

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17 Bewertungen

Technische Daten

Körnung 80er-Körnung
Verbindung Geleimte Spiralverbindung
Schleifmittel Korund
Bauweise Textil, Kunstharz und Korund
Weitere Materialien Papier
Rückseite Gewichtskategorie J
Schleifmittel Korund
Bindung Korund
Schleifmittelhaftung Kunstharz
Ausführung Oberfläche: Leicht offen gestreut
Gewicht 0,85 kg
Lagerung BMC
Schaftlänge 25 mm


Fünf Größen: 13, 19, 25, 38 und 50 mm. Mit 20 Schleifhülsen (vier in jeder Größe) und Gummi-Schleifwalzen (eine pro Größe). Zur Verwendung mit Elektro-Bohrmaschinen. Inklusive Tragekoffer.


  • 5 Schleifwalzen, 12,70 mm, 19,05 mm, 25,40 mm, 38,1 mm, 50,40 mm
  • 4 Schleifhülsen, 50 x 40 mm (Ø x Höhe), 80er-Körnung
  • 4 Schleifhülsen, 40 x 40 mm (Ø x Höhe), 80er-Körnung
  • 4 Schleifhülsen, 25 x 25 mm (Ø x Höhe), 80er-Körnung
  • 4 Schleifhülsen, 20 x 25 mm (Ø x Höhe), 80er-Körnung
  • 4 Schleifhülsen, 15 x 13 mm (Ø x Höhe), 80er-Körnung


von: Malcolm F


I was very impressed with my purchase of the 25 piece Silverline Drum Sanding Kit. There is enough different Drum sizes to accomplish nearly every job I carry out, and I can now order spare abrasive discs in advance and store them all inside the great little plastic kit box which it all arrived in. I should get years of regular use out of this kit. Definitely a recommended purchase.

von: John M


Good piece of kit. Did a great job for what I bought it for.

von: Terry R


Excellent quality product for the price, will be looking for other silver line tools in future. Some instructions would of been helpful.

von: Edgardo


A solution for many things in carpentery and quality 100% guaranted.

von: Julian L


I used hand sanding, belt sanding and a small disk sander to sand up until I started making small animal figures. Then the hand sanding was the only way to really get through the sanding properly, which took a lot of time. I then found these sanding drums in a local shop and to be honest, I didnt expect much, but I was blown away by the difference they made. Using these on the drill press, sanding now takes a few minutes of using the various size drums, a quick run on with the dremel with the small sanding drum, and finish with 2 grits of hand sanding. Each animal took up to an hour before, now I get them done in a few minutes. Well worth the few quid!

von: David O


This is an excellent addition to my guitar building tool box.. The different sizes make sanding the curves n contours on a guitar body so much easier..

von: M


Value for money Proper tools

von: Juppet


Certes ce n''est pas du matériel de professionnel, mais bien utile pour poncer des surfaces courbes. Dommage que le grain des rouleaux abrasifs ne soit que du grain 80. Je recommande

von: Massimiliano d


Good product, well done and male it job.

von: Thomas p


This is a well constructed tool tried it and it doesn''t disappoint when using it

von: Chris K


Does exactly what it''s supposed to, great price, can''t fault it! I''ve used these in a pillar drill and a hand drill, and they work fine both ways. Much cheaper then buying a dedicated spindle sander!!

von: David C


Excellent performance and produces acceptable finish on both soft and hard woods. Have recommended it to a few of my hobbies friends

von: Professor M


Well made, no frills, just did the jobs in just a few minutes. HIghly recommended.

von: Stevie M


What a great product! I couldn''''t afford a bobbin sander, but I saw these in Toolstation and thought they looked like they''''d do the job. Cannot fault them, just fits straight into the power drill and off you go, nice curved edges and easy sanding.

von: Sue H


Bought to mount onto my bench grinder. Will be useful for sanding into areas hard to access with a conventional size abrasive wheel.

von: richard a


Excellent value. Clears wood extremely quickly. Range of sizes makes it ideal for small scale and large scale work.

von: Michael K


I purchased this kit as I needed to perform some much needed maintenance on the large wooden cross on my wife''s, father''s grave. This kit made the job of removing years of weathering very easy and I was able to return the cross to it''s full mahogany beauty prior to staining. Thanks to the various sized spindles and belts, I was left with very little hand sanding which was fantastic. The spindles are easy to adjust but you will need a suitable spanner, or, adjustable as one is not supplied. The belts remain tightly mounted on the rubber drum and I had no issues with slippage. I cannot rate this set highly enough and consider it a great addition to my toolkit.

Lebenslang Garantie

Dieser Silverline-Artikel Schleifwalzen, 25-tlg. Satz verfügt über eine 30-tägige Garantie ab Kaufdatum, die ihn gegen Mängel infolge von Material- oder Verarbeitungsfehlern absichert. Um Ihre Lebenslang Garantie wirksam werden zu lassen, registrieren Sie Ihren Artikel bitte auf der Silverline-Webseite. Mangelhafte Artikel werden kostenlos ersetzt oder repariert.

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