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Feine/mittlere Körnung

€ 5.57 ZZGL. MWST

  • Siliziumkarbid
  • Doppelseitig (feine und mittlere Körnung)
  • Zum Nachschärfen von Werkzeugklingen und Messern
  • Ideal in Verbindung mit werkbankmontierten Schärfvorrichtungen
  • Zum Nass- und Trockenschleifen

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Technische Daten

Körnung Feine und mittlere Körnung
Gewicht 0,433 kg


Doppelseitiger Siliziumkarbid-Schärfstein mit feiner und mittlerer Körnung. Zum Nachschärfen von Werkzeugklingen und Messern. Ideal in Verbindung mit werkbankmontierten Schärfvorrichtungen. Zum Nass- (Wasser/Öl) und Trockenschleifen. Lieferung im Kunststoffkästchen. Abmessungen: 200 x 50 x 25 mm.


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von: andrea


good price and job

von: Roger B


A very good tool, I am pleased that I bout it from you, it works very well, and is robust

von: Roger B


A brilliant tool, don''t know how I managed without it.

von: Arnaud


Pierre plutôt efficace pour l''affûtage de mes vieux ciseaux à bois qui ont rapidement retrouvé leur tranchant. Peu habitué à cet exercice, il ne me reste plus qu''à améliorer mon geste.

von: Nigel S


Excellent stone has two sharpening grades and the facility to attach it to the bench. Good quality product

von: Carrie


I noticed someone commented on the two holes in the case, and since there''s no way to reply/answer, I thought I''d tell you in this "review addendum". They are to nail (or screw) it to a board or bench to hold it in place. I didn''t know what they were for either until an online tutorial pointed it out. Since affixing it (w/ nails) to a piece of 2x4 - just a bit longer on either end than the case - with nails, my problems are solved! A work bench would''ve been ideal, but that'' belongs to hubby and that''s not somewhere I wanted to invade! Ha! Ha! I can''t believe the difference having it on the board makes! No more sliding around or awkward one handed sharpening! Hope this helps!

von: Carrie


This is the first sharpening stone I''ve ever owned and used! My father kept his close at all times and made sure my brother and I knew the importance of keeping a sharp knife with us. While I don''t use my ''sharp objects'' in the same way as he did, a sharpening stone was LONG overdue!! My garden tools were in bad shape and all I had was a very old kitchen knife sharpener that seemed as if it only made things worse most of the time! So... enter this Silverline Carbide Shapening stone! It took me several lessons online to get the hang of it, but once I did, I feel as if I can''t live without it! Ha! Ha! With it, my tools (and my hubby''s) are ALWAYS sharp and much, MUCH easier to work with! I love that it has two sides - coarse and fine - so that no matter the [hand] tool, they are sure to be sharpened well!! The only draw back is that it''s a bit awkward when sharpening smaller [gardening] hand shears. However, I just use the corners, which works out pretty well. Despite the ONE drawback, YES!, I absolutely recommend this stone to beginners and pros. And, for the price (bought mine on Amazon on sale for $8 USD), you can''t beat it!

von: paul


Says what''s in the box a combination Oil Stone I needed one quickly to sharpen both a plane iron and a few chisels for a project that I was working on. The stone works very well and also was the cheapest I could find, unfortunately the plastic box which comes with the stone is a bit naff but is ok to keep the stone clean but not really suitable to fix to a piece of wood whilst using the stone.

von: Alan C


Used to sharpen new axe which was supposedly razor-sharp but actually wouldn''t cut butter. Box has holes for fitting to workbench to keep it stable when in use. Also used to sharpen my grandfather''s old budding knife. Overall faultless so far.



Indispensable pour les ciseaux à bois. La mixité huile/eau est l''idéal pour aiguiser mes outils où que je sois. A compléter avec une pierre plus fine pour les puristes.

von: Geoff


Good combi stones for the price. Why the base has to have two holes in it I don''t know especially if you use water. But that''s only minus.

von: Arjan V


So many great sharpening stones are available on the market, but they all come at a premium price. Except the one from Silverline Tools. It costs a fraction but works just as well. I have used this on kitchen knifes and a pocket knife, worked like a charm. I would definitely recommend this sharpening stone.

von: Dave H


It does what it needs to but it''''s a bit uneven in places?

von: Chris


It''s an excellent product from Silverline that will help you keep your knifes, scissors etc in excellent condition. Its case is really convenient and it also provides you with a firm grip when sharpening.



Atloghether, this sharpening synthetic double side stone is a very very good tool at a very very fair price. You may use it dry or preferentially wet either with water or oil. The plastic hard case serve as a container to dip the stone. I think it''s the best artificial sharpening stone ; its indeniable for such cost.

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