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Fresadora ¼”, 1020 W

1020 W

€ 57.35 IVA no incluido

  • Incluye 2 pinzas de apriete (8 mm y 1/4")
  • Ajuste de velocidad variable entre 11.500 – 34.000 min-1
  • Ajuste de profundidad hasta 40 mm, escala de profundidad y bloqueo de profundidad
  • Tope de torreta con 3 posiciones de ajuste diferentes
  • Incluye guía paralela y compás de fresar, casquillo copiador y llave de ajuste para pinza de apriete

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Características técnicas

Acabado Plástico
Clasificación PPI IPX37
Velocidad variable
Potencia 1020 W
Peso 2,9 kg

Descripción del producto

Fresadora compacta con potente motor de 1020 W y velocidad variable entre 11.500 – 34.000 min-1. Ajuste de profundidad hasta 40 mm, escala de profundidad y bloqueo de profundidad. Tope de torreta con 3 posiciones de ajuste diferentes. Diseño clásico con dos empuñaduras inclinadas para mayor control y comodidad. Base circular y plana. Salida de extracción de polvo para conectar a un sistema de extracción de polvo o aspiradora. Incluye pinzas de apriete de 8 mm y ¼”, guía paralela y compás de fresar, casquillo copiador y llave de ajuste para pinza de apriete.

Contenido en el embalaje

  • Fresadora 1020 W
  • 2 empuñaduras
  • 2 pinzas de apriete (8 mm y 1/4")
  • Llave para pinza de apriete
  • Guía paralela
  • 2 varillas de guía
  • Rodillo de guía
  • 2 escobillas de carbón
  • Manual de instrucciones

Comentarios realizados por nuestros clientes

Por: Trevor B


Good delivery time. Good price. Good Company. Excellent product.

Por: Fraser A


Works well Great product at a great price

Por: Andrew P


Very good product and easy to assemble It’s good to have a circle cutting jig included only one negative is you have to hold the on/off button on

Por: Adrian E


I have many routers from small low cost to expensive large ones I use fixed. One of the 1/4" ones a Perle''s variable speed started to play up, the speed control module a selection of small electronic components bonded in resin required replacing. The module is shared by many makes but replacement cost is £70.00 + delivery. Yes I agree a complete and utter rip off. Therefore I looked for a cheaper option. All I needed was variable speed, 1/4" collet 800watt power for fixed depth rabbeting. Silverlines router fitted the bill at £32.00 Inc free delivery. 3 year gaurentee. This will only see light use so it was a no brained. So far the router had functioned perfectly motor power and torque smooth, speed control fine, plunge lock fine, shaft lock fine, weight great and plunge smooth enough. Ok it''s not Swiss engineering the Perle''s was and it failed. At £70.00 for a new speed control board I can buy two silverline routers with potentially 6 years of gaurentee. The spares market for high end routers will eventually kill off the appeal when the ever increasing reliability and quality of imported power tools makes a sensible financial choice easier. Well done to Silverline, continue developing quality and reliability not gimmicks, basic solid power tools to get the job done.

Por: Nigel


Router performed well apart from very stiff to push down. Router failed at 6 months but was quickly replaced by Silverline. Considering the cost a good buy for the occasional user.

Por: Malc M


For the cost this is a solid bit of kit,after a few trial runs on waste wood I felt ready to tackle my latest project. Lovely finish which is more than I hoped for. The guide was missing from the box but returned original and instant replacement from supplier.

Por: Roger G


I have a work shop full of Makita power tools but saw this new Router advertised and decided to give it a try. The tool is well made and supplied with a comprehensive set of accessories which make the asking price even more astonishing. This is my working bargain of the year.

Garantía 3 años

Este producto Silverline Fresadora ¼”, 1020 W dispone de 30 días de garantía desde la fecha de compra contra defectos de fabricación y materiales defectuosos. Registre su producto online para extender el periodo de garantía 3 años. Todas las piezas defectuosas serán reparadas de forma gratuita.

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