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Clé dynamométrique

€ 53.76 PRIX H.T.

  • Clé dynamométrique en acier chrome-vanadium avec tête à cliquet réversible
  • Poignée de réglage moletée et bague de blocage pour un réglage de couple précis et optimal
  • Fabriquée selon EN ISO 6789 et DIN 3121 - Précision +/- 4 %
  • Plage de réglage 28 - 210 Nm et résolution 1 Nm
  • Fournie avec rallonge de 125 mm, adaptateur 1/2" - 3/8” (202 Nm max) et coffret de rangement

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Caractéristiques techniques du produit

Taille du conducteur 1/2" avec adaptateur 3/8"
Finition Chromée
Poignée/manche - primaire - finition Moleté, chromé
Méthode de réglage Poignée pivotante
Poids du produit 1,321 kg
Plage Clé dynamométrique en acier chrome-vanadium avec tête à cliquet réversible. Poignée de réglage moletée et bague de blocage pour obtenir un réglage de couple optimal et précis. Fabriquée en selon EN ISO 6789 et DIN 3121. Précision +/- 4 %. Fournie avec rallonge, adaptateur et coffret de rangement.
Matériau - poignée/manche - secondaire Acier au carbone
Matériau - construction secondaire Acier au carbone

Caractéristiques principales

Clé dynamométrique en acier chrome-vanadium avec tête à cliquet réversible. Poignée de réglage moletée et bague de blocage pour obtenir un réglage de couple optimal et précis. Fabriquée en selon EN ISO 6789 et DIN 3121. Précision +/- 4 %. Fournie avec rallonge, adaptateur et coffret de rangement.


  • 1 x clé dynamométrique 1/2", 28 - 210 Nm
  • 1 x rallonge de 125 mm
  • 1 x adaptateur 1/2" - 3/8”
  • 1 x certificat de calibrage
  • 1 x manuel d'instructions

Évaluations de clients

par : John W


Ok, so the title is a bit of a play on words, but what a great piece of kit (was about to say tool, but some might take that the wrong way!). Incredibly solid, great packaging (the really solid blue carry case I mean!), and when complete with the two converter "bits", what else do you need? (Yeah, I know, the sockets to go with it, natch!). Seriously though, a real value add, incredibly well priced, shipped in lightning quick time, and built to last (love the lifetime guarantee!).

par : Ron W


Easy to read & set to required settings. Can easily lock on chosen setting. Easy to clean & sturdy case to keep safe.



Les premières utilisations de cette clé s''avèrent rassurantes. Produit solide et simple d''usage. A voir dans la durée.

par : Faustino


the torque Wrench is perfect de functions ,its a beautiful make

par : Neville


Purchased to replace an aged torque wrench of dubious accuracy.Well designed and easy to use and the ratchet mechanism is a bonus for using in confined spaces. Quality item I expect to last for years, I am very pleased with it''s performance so far.

par : Andrew C


Works perfectly and made of quality materials. Great value for money and a lifetime guarantee makes it a great purchase

par : Jurand W


Used it and it''s a good torque wrench, for DIY it is perfect, every men should have this tool in his garage.

par : Rik


Feels very good quality and well made, seems to function correctly and is a very reasonable price. I don''t have a calibration tool to verify it is accurate but I hear from other reviews it is so definitely worth trying

par : Helen v


We were going to change the tyres on my 125cc scooter and to be sure to be safe bought this wrench it is easy to understand and great to use no problems whatsoever.

par : Jordan


Wrench works nicely, the supplied 1/2" to 3/8" adapter isn''t so strong so I''d advise using a different one if you need or getting a 1/2" socket set. Overall worth the money

par : Allan


Good product

par : Helen V


We bought this wrench to allow my husband to change my scooter tyres and we are very happy with the simplicity and efficacity pf this tool which is also guaranteed for life!

par : Kelvin P


Excellent did the job

par : Rhys K


Very good, well built and doesn’t exactly what it’s supposed to do.

par : Jeffrey I


Very good quality and very good price very simple to use

par : Erik


Feels and works like a professional tool. Comes with a nice box. Excellent value for money. Will definitely buy more Silverline tools.

par : Les C


I always wanted a torque wrench, seems like I chose the right one, works well easy to use, now I won''t need to guess or chance stripping a thread. thank you Silverline Great Tool.

par : Gregory


Great price quality balance ! I’m happy !

par : Blanc


Super rapport qualité prix je recommande !

par : godart n


excellent produit solide précis rapport qualité prix imbattable

par : Neil


Amazing torque wrench at an amazing price, easy to use and does the job exceptionally well. Would highly recommend !!!

par : Stephen r


I wasn''t disappointed like every silverline product I''ve purchased I''m amazed at the quality especially for the price I don''t know how they do it !, 5*

par : Lloyd


Very pleased with the quality of this tool especially for the price! It comes in a secure and sturdy case, very impressed!

par : Matt W


Very well made piece of equipment, easy to use and gives a precise adjustment. Wish I''d bought one years ago, has made my life alot easier. Highly recommended.

par : Steve W


Quick to arrive and immediately felt substantial. Was quickly put to use. Easy to set correct torque (read the instructions) and gives a good "snap" and click when correct torque achieved. Inspires confidence.

par : Shah


Great wrench, Tesla dealter wanted 100£ for torquing the wheel nuts but this tool did the job for less than half the price. I used a normal breaker to tighten then this wrench to torque to spec (175nm). Plenty of youtube videos out there if you are stuck.

par : Scott G


I was happy with my product, when it arrived. It comes in a nice case, for storage. It has an extension and a converter. I tried it out on the wheels of my car. It appears to be well made and accurate, it has a nice solid feel to it. I wish it came with an certificate of accuracy though for peace of mind. Overall it seems like good value for money at £25.

par : Paul O


I purchased this as a makeshift cause of the price I was not expecting much but needed somthing quick but to my surprise the quality far surpassed my expectations and the price point well pleased

par : godart n


meilleur rapport qualité prix pour cette clé dynamométrique : simple a utiliser ,précise ,solide ,génial !

par : James


Really impressed with the quality and price

par : Maurício d


This is a brilliant value for money, does the job fills very robust and strong definitely recommend

par : Alex


Bon matériel avec garantie a vie

par : RIOU p


Sorry for my English I''m French. Exactly what I waiting for my use. Good packaging. Simple to adjust. The warranty is a good new.

par : Phill F


Not long had this tool, but it looks and feels every bit as useful as my previous tool and of a very good quality!

par : JJ


Excellent torque wrench for the money.

par : Padraig R


Good value for money and good range of torque.

par : Meunier V


Unbeatable quality / price. Very good workmanship. I am very happy.

par : Vincenzo


Perfetto ottimo prodotto numero uno. Consiglio.

par : Ian I


Excellent tool, easy to set, tightened down my cylinder head on my vintage tractor engine no problem!

par : Drèze


Looks to be well done. I already just made around 15-20 tightening with the wrench and it works fine. I don''t know if the 4% accuracy is respected but I thing yes. Beware that the torque is measured in right direction tightening only. So doesn''t work for left-hand thread. But for the price, it''s stay a very good deal.

par : Neil D


It feels very substantial and of good quality and the case is very sturdy. It’s very simple to use and comes with instructions. I haven’t had it for long, but all good so far.

par : Ozcan


The tool seems very good, better than expected. For this price I thought that I will receive a cheap tool but it’s not the case. To see the durability.

par : DOMI


This key did its first job right after unpacking. I am delighted, at least I would be in good tightening bases recommended by the manufacturers. Thank you SILVERLINE

par : Michael


Good quaility product ,used a couple of times now sturdy product holds up well



No problem using it, this tool is very good. Thanks!

par : I.Mitchell


This is an excellent bit of kit. Very sturdy and easy to use. For this money I doubt there’s a better option.

par : nigel d


Solidly made and heavy, as it should be. Simple to use except for reading the scale which is quite small. However, I think my eyesight rather than the scale is at fault here. First class value for money

par : Serge R


It is really the best choice of a torque wrench, all are perfect, especially guaranteed forever.

par : Jordan


Really good price and Quality tool that makes a lot of other options almost pointless at this price range. Lifetime guarantee as well for a great peace of mind. Highly recommended for DIY jobs

par : Piers L


It was ordered because of its unbeatable price, it arrived packaged in such a fashion that it oozed quality. Upon handling it felt hefty, sturdy and like it meant buisness. It worked perfectly and easily. This is the fruit named equivalent of the tool world. !

par : Ken B


This torque wrench is well made and very accurate (checked against a very expensive alternative). Great value

par : Ken B


Bought this torque wrench to ensure my car and caravan wheels were always set at the correct manufacturers torque settings. As a confidence check I borrowed a friends (very expensive) torque wrench to check how acurate the Silverline item was and the bolts were spot on. So great value, well made and accurate - what more could you want?

par : Michael L


Easy to use once you have tried it

par : James


Some of the best spanner’s I’ve owned nice and thin to get into tight places. Money well spent.

par : Gary N


Great product at a great price. Backed up by a lifetime guarantee.

par : Amex


Fantastic product and with a lifetime warranty!

par : Ross M


Great tool, with unbelievable build quality for the price. Really impressed and will be purchasing more.

par : Gary K


Bought this torque wrench for wheel lug nuts as I have had a tendency to over tighten them in the past. The tool is excellent quality and feels solid so I’m sure it will last many years to come. It’s also very easy to use and the price is great especially considering the quality of the item. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more Silverline tools and have would recommend them highly .

par : Paul H


Good in parts, good price, well made. The downside for me is the somewhat indistinct scales and the lack of ft/lbs scale. I used a black permanent marker to better define the scales, but I find it a bit of a fiddle using two scales to set the torque. I bought this wrench because I have mislaid my Williams wrench, which is some 30 yrs old in a house move, hope it turns up....

par : Berny M


A quality, reliable tool which I use on my car alloy wheels and caravan alloy wheels. Whenever I have a tyre changed, I always check the wheel fasteners torque straight afterwards. Cheap for the peace of mind.

par : Vasil C


The tool is precise, perfect for the job, and best thing is, it''s extremely cheap yet very well made. Best thing is, since these torque wrenches have to be re-calibrated every year, which coats money obviously, it''s cheaper and easier to just trow it away and buy a new one, since it''s ridiculously cheap. Or you can use is as a normal wrench.

par : Erick


Très bon rapport qualité prix pour cette clef qui fait très bien son travail. Je ne suis pas un professionnel et cette clef est très bien adaptée à mon niveau de mécanique.

par : Mark L


Not used much yet but feels solid and seems reasonable for the price. Can''t say more than that until it''s been used a while.

par : Henry L


Super Simple to use the instructions are really clear. Product works exactly as expected. Used for replacing my brake discs and callipers and work perfect

par : Paul A


Needed to work on car suspension parts. A lot cheaper than others, but still good Quality and easy to use.

par : Dave


Bought this to use on a motorbike and has been very good had no issues at all. The different fitting means it can be used on most bolt sizes.

par : Geoffrey C


Bought to use on motorbike and has worked very well. Alot of kit for the money.

par : Carl c


Purchased wrench off eBay, was a bit umming and arring at first as the cheap price,but in all honesty I’m glad I did. Very good build quality and the case is also good quality as some cases are naff but no the whole item was well worth the could be a mug and pay a lot more for different brands and you’d get basically the same item, except you’d be paying a lot more. So to sum it up it’s good in every aspect and I’ll definitely be buying Silverline tools in the future if this is the quality you on and thanks.

par : Kees v


Werk perfect

par : Steve p


Great product great price nice storage box and the unbeatable lifetime guarantee. The only thing I would change is to make the measurement scale for setting the torque black as you can see the reading clearly in bright light.

par : Mark M


Fabulous item didn''t expect anything less from Silverline Easy to use and amazing value, Highly recommend

par : Bek


You get everything you need in the wrench.

par : Tim K


First one was faulty but replacement arrived very quickly and appears to be fine. Decent value for a torque wrench and feels well made.

par : Charles D


Purchased this wrench to use on my caravan. It appears to be a good piece of kit that is easy to use. Does what is required.

par : Tristan L


Very happy with the wrench. Does exactly what I needed, seems well built, and a very reasonable price.

par : Joule


Once you have it in your hand, you understand the quality of the product. Heavy, strong, well made.

par : Mark


Excellent tool at a very reasonable price. Works very well with no issues. Highly recommended.

par : Alex


Great tool! Very well built!

par : tristan l


Seems well made, and really good price.

par : Keith R


Fantastic and so easy to adjust the wrench settings.

par : Haltar


This tool is perfect for motors, easy use.

par : Dave B


Knowing Silverline make good quality tools, I didn''t hesitate to purchase myself a new Silverline 1/2 drive torque wrench. It is easy to use, from setting the desired torque for your specific job, the easy to read numbering and markings to get it at the exact setting. It is not cumbersome as others I have used in the past and is light to use for jobs that require a lot of bolts or nuts that need torquing down. I would recommend this tsilverlline torque wrench to anybody looking to use it in their everyday job or just for those who use one once in a while. The price isn''t bank breaking and comes in a nice moulded case for it to be stored neatly away.

par : Yiu L


Great quality and price!

par : Ian B


This is well worth the money and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something like this

par : George O


Renewing valve seals on Volvo needed it just the job.

par : Marco c


Fantastic tool very strong and easy to use

par : Darryl T


What a great value piece of kit this is, used already on my motorbike and appears to do the job great. One small thing is the embossed numbers/lettering/markings are a little hard to read ... that could be just my age, but maybe think of getting them coloured for ease of use , otherwise not a problem

par : Maco


Fantastic tool very strong and easy to use. Good price

par : jeff


I''ve tried other makes of Torque Wrenches, and I can say for the price this wrench out does them all. Build quality and performance is outstanding and I would highly recommend them to do the job.

par : David


Quality product at at a fair price

par : Steve


Fast delivery, great tools. Who could ask for more!!!

par : Stephen B


Excellent torque wrench that was used to tighten down injectors. I would recommend.

par : Steve


Good god! I never knew H&S thought about this!

par : Dimitrov


Excellent torque wrench, thank you!

par : Misbah a


I always buy silverside products, always great quality at a more competitive price. Needed a good torque wrench so first thing I googled was silverline torque wrench and lo and behold they had one. No hesitations in buying it and was not disappointed. The thing feels solid to the touch and all markings are clearly marked. Easy to use and feels really well made. Was surprised with the lifetime guarantee also which was a bonus. Silverline products never disappoint and I''m happy with my purchase. Thanks

par : Peter W


I bought this item cause silverline tools are guaranteed for life and iv been building my engine up so needed it it works great as expected I have a few silverline tools now and I''m happy with the equality of all the tools iv bought i highly recommend silverline top tool but very cheap compared to other brands ty

par : Kevin K


Really pleased with the wrench. Used it allready and was easy to set and worked well and as described. Solid piece of kit at a very good price, would recommend.

par : Tony J


I''m a DIY mechanic and recently decided to to service my Italian Car so needed to torque the wheels correctly. I''ve been borrowing my friends so thought best to get my own. This is well made and easy to use. You set the calibration and there is a nice click to let you know the correct torque has been reached. Overall its saved me a lot of money in labour charges as my wheels need to be removed for a few service items. Comes in a nice case to. very happy DIY''er

par : Georges


When using this tool, you can feel that you have a good quality product in the hands ! A real MVP on the market !

par : Laszlo G


I am very happy to get this tool for this price. Good quality. I hope it will be serv me well.

par : Le P


Outil facile à régler très simple , une bonne prise en main, j’effectue tous les serrages avec elle m’est indispensable maintenant !

par : Colin H


Excellent quality tool used for car diy, real value for the money tool would highly recommend. With excellent guarantee and excellent communication and service from trusted eBay seller, first class service great tool.

par : Konrad


Great value for the money and also goog quality tool.

par : Richard A


This small torque wrench is just about ideal for my bicycle. It covers almost all the fixtures and fittings, giving me peace of mind that everything is perfectly tightened down. This is essential to avoid stripping threads and stopping bolts etc loosening. An excellent product that will serve me well for years. It feels strong and stable on use. It’s easy to set a torque. The ratchet reversible head is so handy. The included case with instruction sheet ensures the tool will be kept in perfect condition when not using the wrench.

par : Riotte


Cette clé répond totalement à mon besoin. Je l utilisé pour le changement de mes roues de voiture. Gain de temps et précision dans le serrage

par : Paul W


Very pleased with this Torque wrench excellent value for the price and it comes with an extension & a 3/8 adapter I use it every day at work and am very happy with it

par : Phil R


Very pleased with this product. Very sturdy, handy converter and all in a great box for storage and keeping it all together. Would definitely recommend.

par : robert d


Quality product, nice design.

par : Luke b


This is a good torque wrench for the money you can’t go wrong. I have now had it a week and used it every day for work an is working fine.

par : John K


Handy case, with conversion tables embossed on the inside of the case. Comes with reducing adapter & extension. Micrometer style markings on the handle are in Nm & Kg/M. Does what it''s supposed to.

par : Louis w


Product looks good , feels solid this wrench is my first silver line tool and I am very happy with it I would recommend this tool

par : Paul A


Great torque wrench. Plenty of leverage and good range of torque settings.

par : Samuel


Servi une fois pour monter mes roues. Pas de problème rencontré. Pensez à le repositionner sur le couple le plus bas à la fin de l''usage.

par : Peter


Guarantee Period: Lifetime. You cant go wrong, more than capable for D.I.Y. motorcycle frame/engine repairs.

par : Sean


This torque wrench is the perfect addition to any garage. Top quality material and finish, it looks the part for the job. simple to use it easily competes with more expensive products. With the lifetime warranty, you know you have bought quality.

par : Christophe


Au top, Fait sont taf

par : Edward F


Accurate tool that i used to take the wheels off my car, it was able to remove and tighten the bolts perfectly. no issues with this tool and hopefully it lasts long, with its lifetime guarantee

par : Mr. D


Just the product I wanted, but as to date not used it yet. Only going to be used on my caravan wheels whilst touring.

par : Damian S


Can’t believe I managed to get a well made torque wrench for such a reasonable price!

par : Roger


For the price, a good quality tool that should last for years! No bad points really!

par : Paul S


Good wrench with the good range and great leverage. Quick delivery and came in a sturdy case. Also comes with the calibration certificate. Very happy with the purchase.

par : Max d


Works as a charme. Proper quality!

par : Jim A


I am so very pleased with this torque wrench! It is really well made using chrome vanadium steel which I think is the absolute best material to use for making quality tools that will last. Not only am I pleased with the wrench itself and it’s comfortable grip and noticeable breaking click but was very impressed with the speed of delivery. Overall I think that these qualities point to a very professional company that values its customers. I’m glad that I am one of them!

par : test-outillage


J''ai effectué le TEST COMPLET de cette clé en vidéo, à ce prix, le résultat du test est surprenant :

par : Rogério C


Very good wrench. Does what is advertised. Good quality of material. Easy to work with it. Recomend.

par : Luke S


Cheap tool that makes torquing wheels incredibly easy.

par : Olivier


Rapport qualité prix au top

par : Philippe D


Bon article, bien emballé, de la qualité, bref rien à redire !

par : michael c


excellent quality for the price in a sturdy box great reviews that made me look more at this wrench as a diy user i am sure i will get many years service from this tool takes all the guesswork out of tightening up and also from over-tightening nuts / bolts



Livraison express,l''outil conforme à mon attente, son usage est aisé, sa précision m''est inconnue, mais pour bloquer qqs boulons de roues ou de roulement, elle doit suffire.

par : Elias T


Very good product, good in hand, strong. Very happy with the tool

par : David H


Just brilliant,nice soild feel easy to use and come with a dureable hard case

par : Jason H


I bought this attractively priced wrench after reading positive review on Amazon and it did not disappoint. It''s heavy, feels sturdy and for the money it''s impossible to fault

par : Ryan


Only used this a couple of times so far, but works well. Solid, audible “click”. Easy to ready scales. Although it would’ve been better to have Nm and lbs-ft on each scale rather than Nm and kgf-m (personal preference). The extension and 1/2” to 3/8” drive step-down have both proven handy and are stored neatly in the box below the torque Wrench. Care must be taken after use though when taking off the load, as it’s very easy to go past the minimum setting (28Nm) if you’re not watching. For the price I paid (~£19) I cant really fault it for my needs.

par : Geoffrey H


Bought this wrench a few years ago for my caravan so that I could check the nuts before every journey and it’s been brilliant. This year on one occasion when checking it broke, just came apart. I contacted Silverline, sent it back to them as requested for checking and today I have received another brand new one from the company. Silverline certainly do live up to their lifetime guarantee, first class company

par : Steven


Used this torque wrench for the first a few days ago & it done the job perfectly. Enough leverage on it to loosen a tighter nut. This is a good value for money tool.

par : Guehenneuc


I use it To change rear break on m''y car. At 175 Nm it works perfectly. Easy to use Easy to stock with the Box

par : Pedro C


It''s first time I tried a Silverline product, can''t say about other products yet, but this torque wrench is really well made and definitely best deal, it can be compared to other competitors which cost so much more.

par : Tony s


exelent value for money does the job its meant for just as good as the expensive ones.

par : Bob T


bought this one as needed high torque value to tighten my motorhome wheel bolts. very easy to adjust and has locking facility with reverse, good value for money and with guarantee to boot!

par : Luke


This is a high quality torque wrench and has been idea for my motorcycle

par : Karen G


Partner happy with the product. Wide range of settings means it good enough for most diy jobs

par : Tony L


Easy to use, well made, clear instructions.

par : Jonathan


La clé fonctionne correctement, j''ai pu constater que l''écart de serrage avec des modèles plus haut de gamme est très petit. Je la recommande, pour le prix elle vaut le coup

par : James I


I needed a Torque Wrench for use on my caravan and this does the job, it was easy to adjust and use, a great product.

par : Allan C


Great item, and with a lifetime guarantee this was a must for me. It''s competitive price also gave the best value for money which allowed me to complete the job it was intended for, cheaper than i thought.

par : Joe G


Does exactly as required for a very good proce. I''d highly recommend it.

par : Josh


I purchased this torque wrench as I was looking for a quality product which wasn''t going to break the bank, and I couldn''t be happier! It came in a nice sturdy case, and has a high quality feel to it. It''s great to use and I couldn''t recommend it enough! Considering it also has a lifetime warrenty, I definately wouldn''t look anywhere else for a different one!

par : Arie


The product does what it''s supposed to do. No hassle. Nice piece of tool to have in my toolbox.

par : Chris


This torque wrench is a ratchet type. Originally bought for keeping alloy wheel nuts torqued up but will definitely be useful for servicing my car. Would recommend it to anyone feels nice and sturdy

par : Gopal I


I''''m quite happy with this torque wrench. I''ve compared its torque setting with an expensive calibration certified wrench and found that it is reasonably accurate. It has a lifetime warranty as well. I think it is great value for money!

par : Tim T


Good product & well made. Good positive action & would recommend.

par : Pat


Bon outil, dommage qu''il ne soit pas réversible pour serrer les pas inversés.

par : Gabor P


Great tool, with an affordable price. Recommended.

par : Berny M


Well designed with a good storage case. Quite a long wrench which to me, means better accuracy. The micrometer style scales are easy to read and have Nm and Foot pounds. The instructions are easy to understand and are concise. It comes with an extension as well as a 3/8 inch drive converter and it works on left handed threads as it has a reversing switch on the ratchet head. Correct torque is indicated by an audible click which can be felt too.

par : Richard


Cannot fault this product as it represents superb value for money. It''s very well made, comes supplied in a decent storage case plus it''s supplied with both an extension bar and an adaptor. I cannot confirm how accurate the results are, however for the basic jobs I require this tool for I''m sure it''s more than accurate enough, certainly far more accurate than guessing without the tool!!

par : J H


Bought to check wheel nuts on both my car and touring caravan. Quality tool that should last me years.

par : Richard G


This torque wrench was a bargain at £18.40 from Amazon. It seem very sturdy and solid, good quality, and comes in a decent case along with an extension bar and a 3/8" adaptor. I cannot comment on how accurate it is, but another Amazon reviewer checked it on his tester at work and it was within +- 3Nm across the range, which is plenty good enough. Only has settings in Nm, so if your torque is specified in lb.ft you''ll have to work out the conversion.

par : Caerwyn


I have to say, that I was a little concerned about buying a low price torque wrench, but this is a nice solid product and does the job well. Seems precise.

par : Sean


Great tool better than I was expecting although when using a torque wrench on the inside of an engine you would need to know it was calibrated correctly with a certificate for peace of mind that a bolt or nut would not be over tightened and snap. Other than that absolutely perfect.

par : Bradley d


This torque wrench is great value for money just as accurate as more expensive wrenches works perfectly and comes with life time warranty bargain don''t waste your time or money looking elsewhere.

par : Dave B


Have used for repairs on my Volvo Penta D4 210hp engine, was really pleased with performance and as good as any Snap-on/Proto and a fraction of the price. Would highly recommend 👍👍👍👍

par : Matt W


Great tool, amazing price. I''m very happy with this tool and it has a lifetime warranty included. What''s not to like?

par : Mr B


Does what it needs to do great tool

par : Dave B


Found this to be an excellent tool, easy to understand and use. Would highly recommend this tool for anyone''s tool box.

par : Ross H


Had this torque wrench for a few weeks now and I have already used it for several jobs on my Car (Exhaust Manifolds, Engine Mounts and Alloy wheels). I love the fact it comes in the case and even has an extension in there too! Really happy with this purchase and for the money I don''t see how you can go wrong.......especially with the lifetime guarantee!

par : Adrian D


I wanted a suitable Torque Wrench to set the right torque settings for the blades of my mower and to do a couple of jobs on my sons motorbike. I didn''t want to spend a fortune on a professional Torque Wrench. This one is not bad for the price as wrenches go. Settings are a little bit hard to see, but otherwise not bad at all.

par : Graeme P


From what I can see it us a very good product, and very good quality. Excellent finish on the metal. Lifetime guarantee! Come with two bits which proved very useful. Only complaint is that the instructions are very poor and do not explain how to use the product, the rule on it was very confusing and needed explaining, there is no conversion chart. I shouldn''t have to Google how to use the product.

par : Russell S


As title says, well made great tool to have, usfull to work with the right torque settings, easy to us.

par : Isaac


Absolutely amazed with the quality of the product. Does exactly what it says. Has a solid feel and I''m sure it will last for many years. Price is a bargain when you have the torque wrench in your hands. The extension bar that comes with it is very handy, it can be used with other wrenches as well.

par : Alan M


This is a good value torque wrench with a practical range of settings for many applications. It is presented in a plastic case which also contains a 1/2" to 3/8" adapter and a short extension bar. Overall an excellent tool.

par : Andrew


Purchased this Torque wrench for working on a car, the range of torque values covers most applications. Chrome-Vandium Extension Bar and 3/8" adaptors are good quality and prove useful. You may wish to consider having the Torque bar calibrated to check the Torque output, as it is delivered uncalibrated.

par : Martin


Seems good bit of kit nice and sturdy but obviously time will tell I own a Norbar wrench for 30 yrs or more now still seems to work fine only an occasional user of these so if this was for trade I wouldn''t recommend due to the abuse it would get. You assume they work and are accurate but without having them tested regular who knows but for a DIY''er then yes worth the money. 4 stars as only used once so far and seemed to work ok.

par : Malot


Super! exactement ce que je recherchais, livraison dans les délais, très bonne qualité de l''outil, je recommanderais de l''outillage" Silverline"

par : Donatas Z


Iam very glam for my purchase. Item is good quality and easy to use. Its not my first tool from silverline tools and not a last one. Highly recommend.

par : Ashley N


Really happy with my new torque wrench, excellent quality with a lifetime guarantee, can''t go wrong

par : Pedro


a chave 7-105nm é muito versátil com uma larga faixa de binário de aperto, ideal para a manutenção da minha moto Husqvarna, desde as rodas aos parafusos da escora. Perfeita a 1 preço acessivel

par : Ken A


Very good quality tool would recommend well worth the money.

par : Paul S


Following the service of our twin axle caravan, it was recommended that we torque the 20 bolts after the first 10 miles after the engineer had completed his work. I was pleased by the quality of this tool which has provided peace of mind. It''s great to have the right tool for the job. Thank You Paul.

par : Iain G


Bought to change my winter wheels over on my BMW X3. Works well.

par : Sadon


très bon outil,facile d''utilisation à un très bon prix.

par : Andy H


Well made, feels good and sturdy Good to have a case with it too

par : Delmarquette


Content de mon achat. Clé solide et fiable.

par : Jeremy L


I found the Torque Wrench a great tool and easy to use and is well made The only flour is It doesn''t come with a conversion chart, but is easy enough to get from the Inter Net

par : Michael b


Perfect build quality.

par : Paul U


I needed something for those higher torque settings on my bike and this proved just the job. Easy to use and set up and at a great price. Only had it for a couple of weeks so cant comment on how well it will last but looks pretty solid and with a lifetime guarantee you can''t go wrong.

par : Eivi B


Its a really good tool! Works perfectly 😎

par : Douchin


I have bought this tool on Amazon website. This duty, good for working. Congratulations.

par : Rick R


Having now used the torque wrench a couple of times I find it excellent and easy to use ideal for wheel nuts on the cars. The only thing I would have liked but not essential is if the setting scale had been in ft/lbs. The lifetime warrant is a real bonus and the tool is well made and very sturdy. Similar tools can cost two and three times the price of this excellent wrench

par : Chamezopoulos S


Excellent quality tool. I really think i won''t need the life time support cause this tool will last forever!

par : Mark


Unable to read settings on wrench as the numbers are the same colour as the wrench handle so unable to use it

par : Andrew B


Does the job very well. Very easy to set the right torque on the wrench.

par : Richard B


Great build quality at a great price. Would highly recommend.

par : Mr A


Good Quality and price, very pleased with this product

par : Den


I use dayley to remove combi safe and this dose it with no problems

par : Andrew S


Well made and strong to take the strain by leverage with graduations to set right amount of torque.

par : Ell


Very accurate and well built, would recommend!

par : Martin K


Robust and easy to use at a great price

par : Mark


Unable to use as the torque setting is the same colour as the torque wrench so unable to read the torque setting. Fundamental floor in what otherwise would be a good item

par : Juan M


Herramienta no utilizada. Sólo calificado el aspecto.

par : harley


good torque wrench accurate enough for most applications also has a nice price to boot very happy!

par : Daren B


This is an excellent tool and fantastic value for money.

par : Tom H


I bought this Torque Wrench with a gift card, on a bit of a whim. All I can say is - I''m pleased I did! It comes highly recommended by Auto Express and for good reason. The wrench feels solid, so I expect it will last. It''s easy to use - simply loosen the lock nut, twist the handle to your desired torque setting, tighten the lock nut and then pull til you hear a click! The wrench also comes with an extension and a 1/2"-3/8" socket adaptor, which greatly increase the practicality of the wrench. Only negative is the case, which I can see as being easily broken if you are not careful or clumsy. Overall, I am very impressed.

par : Den


This is the second one I have got and this is a excellent bit of kit for the price you can''t go wrong I would say get one even of you don''t need as you never know

par : Darren b


This is a great product at a great price I got this to do work on my motorbike and it more than does the job, you always wonder if a product is low price would it be good but this is a very good tool to have even more so in my case where I need to torque a lot of parts like sprockets etc on the motorbike for safety reasons, I would highly recommend this for any diy mecahinic like myself or even people in the trade

par : J. T


Very pleased with the produced, but was very pleased with the back up I got when I could not register for the forever guarantee. Help was at hand to get it sorted.

par : Ben S


Absolute bargain for what it is, the product arrived in good time. The build quality is as you''''d expect and very easy to use. I''''d recommend this tool to all. I use this for servicing my motorbike and can''''t underestimate its use. I can see this tool lasting a very long time given the fact of the amazing lifetime garuntee !! Thanks Silverline

par : Eliot


First impressions are that it''''s a study, well made product with a great range of torque settings. Continual use will determine for sure but the life time warranty inspires some confidence. I''''d like to see a scale for Ft/Lbs, but that''''s only a minor inconvenience. Can''''t complain.

par : John C


Does what is says on the tin.

par : Stephen H


Do not be fooled by the reasonable price! This is a well made and substantial tool. I bought it to check and tighten my caravan wheel nuts.... Newly fitted, they had been over the last tightened.... This quality item, easily knocked them back from 120 Mm, then reassuringly back to the required 88Nm. Perfection... Well made and easy to use. Thank you.

par : Mr M


excellent product and the right price also it came with a life time guarantee

par : Paul F


I purchased my Silverline torque wrench around a month ago and haven''''t been disappointed. Great value for money, a lot cheaper than some of the other brand ones I was looking at originally. Quality Chrome vanadium steel and a great torque range. I hope I never have to use the lifetime warranty but it puts my mind at ease just knowing I''''m covered if anything does go wrong. I would and have recommended this to family and friends. Thanks Silverline for your great range of affordable quality tools.

par : Gavin r


Brilliant piece of kit works very good and brilliant price

par : Steven


Handle rotation feels good quality compared to others I have used

par : ian


Have used this on my car tightened to 90nm and on my wife''''s car tightened to 135nm. Did both jobs no problem. Very well made and strong torque wrench.

par : Harry H


Does what it says it does.Good quality i also have a Silverline Riveter first class products

par : imre


wery good

par : Rafael A


SILVERLINE shows that you don''''t need to spend a lot of money to have top of the range quality tools. The build, the quality and the feeling of owning a tool that is guaranteed for life and registered with your name makes you feel very special. SILVERLINE is definitely the right choice!

par : D H


this is top value for the money. Well made and feels strong what more do you want? 10/10

par : John P


great item works great would recommend very durable and with life time warranty you cant lose. It would be good if it went up in decimals and maybe a instruction leaflet for beginners. To familiarize themselves with it before they over or under torque things .

par : Steven s


I do all my car repairs myself and found this wrench to be good quality and easy to use.

par : JOHN C


Essential tool for all DIY mechanics.I have used it to torque my wheel studs and brake fittings and find it a really good buy.

par : Fred R


Great quality for this torque wrench, perfect for home use. Seems to be sure. Better than more expensive ones tested before.

par : Aaron M


Found this on eBay and was a little skeptical about it because of the price, however when reading the description and seeing that it has a lifetime guarantee I thought to myself, it''''s worth a try. It is really well built and feels the part, it''''s a solid feel and works flawlessly, bearing in mind a snap on version of this will cost you hundreds. This was under £30 and is guaranteed for life. It''''s a no Brainer! Another fantastic item from silver line.

par : Pilzy E


Amazed that such a well made and machined tool as this can be sold so cheap. I have checked the accuracy of the Silverline Torque Wrench against my friends digital Snap On and we were both astounded at the great result. This tool comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE and from the build quality I can easily see why Silverline can confidently offer such cover. Anyone needing a reasonably priced yet great Torque Wrench simply can do no better than buying Silverline.

par : Seb M


This torque wrench is very easy to use and helps maintain that everything taken off is re-fitted at the correct torque easily and simply.

par : clive


as a new user of this type of equipment.i would say does the job just fine.

par : Ian G


This is an invaluable item for someone that tows a caravan, to ensure correct wheel nut tightness. Many occasions you hear of caravans losing a wheel, this tool item gives peace of mind to ensure wheels are at correct fitting, obviously useful for the car as well. It may not be used often but a must have accessory. This item is excellent quality and value.

par : mike h


Its as good as any mechanical wrench could get but without the cost.

par : Paul V


The wrench offered great value for money have used on numerous occasions and performs very well, would recommend this product.

par : Alister l


This torque wrench is an educational tool as well as for its traditional use. All modern cars and vans require just about every nut and bolt to be torque set. The exactness of this tool lets you know how crucial the safety is behind its manufacture protocols. With ease of use in setting up, and correct torque each and every time, you know you can drive in safe knowledge that all is well.

par : Michael F


I am a fan of silverline tools and have bought and used several over the years. I have always found them to well made of good no nonsense quality and significantly cheaper than the alternatives. This torque is no exception it sits in my extensive tool chest along with many other long serving silverline tool. Highly recommended.

par : Graham W


Bought to keep check on Caravan wheels, does the job well, very easy to set and use.

par : Daniel B


Excellent quality for the price does the job and seems pretty robust.

par : Jon R


Can''''t fault my torque wrench. Very well made, very strong and very precise. If you''''re looking to buy one, definitely get one from silverline!

par : David L


All round multi purpose torque wrench. Use this extensively and never had a problem with it. The extension bar and adapters are a very handy accessory Excellent value for money. I would recommend to anybody. User type - Serious home mechanic.

par : B S


Accurate, sturdy torque wrench, great value for money Recommended!

par : Terry J


Excellent product. Easy to use and works well. However, only problem seems to be that the torque scale is indented into the body of the wrench and is not easy to read.

par : Oliver C


I bought a torque wrench to do some maintenance work on my bike and I have been very impressed by the Silverline torque wrench. It comes in a protective case, which I have kept because even the case is quality. The torque ranges are perfect for wat I need, the wrench itself is long enough that I don''''t need an extension (up to 125Nm). Higher torques and I may need to do some working out or get some kind of extension. The wrench is sufficiently wide to be easy to grab (I sometimes find thinner tools dig into my palm). For what I need this for, it''''s perfect. One of my best purchases recently.

par : Gordon M


Undoubted value for money and quality product, used this wrench countless times now and it has never let me down, comes in a strong case, adjusts easily and accurately, I have recommended to others.

par : Justin p


This torque rench I bought to tighten up the rear spindle on my ktm 525 exc racing works as it should! Very good product for the money ! Well made as well!

par : Tim


Solidly made, easy to use. Would recommend to other and buy again.

par : Neil F


Bought this torque wrench to replace an old one and tested it against a Norbar professional wrench and found it to be within +/- 3% which is excellent. Have now used it for maintenance on my motorbike and have every confidence in it. The box it comes in is also a good idea as it keeps the wrench in a clean condition. For the DIY mechanic this is a very good tool.

par : Yann L


I bought this torque wrench in order to proceed to various mechanic works on my car. It is the perfect tool to apply the proper torque on the various nuts. Its length is also an advantage to give you more power in your action. When you are at the appropriate torque, it will "clang" and you know your''re done. Great price for the tool.

par : Leonard M


I found the tool to be well made and good value for money

par : J A


Perfect for use and robust enought to use as a hammer!! Only joking. The wrench is well made and more accurate and retains its accurracy more than our works supplied items. Well done "Silverline" Thankyou J C.

par : Frank M


Have not used this tool yet but am sure that had I used it then I would have been highly satisfied as it looks very sturdy .

par : Sam


Bought this as I broke my other one (old draper), needed one quickly and didnt want to pay a fortune! did a bit of research and came across this one and to be honest it does the job just fine, It''s hefty enough to do all the jobs I have had to do, mainly cylinder head bolts and driveshaft end nuts and never flackerd once, so all in all a good tool at a good price definately a great tool for the home mechanic. Would I recommend... Yes!

par : Chris A


Nothing negative on this tool! Helped a Lot while fixing my Rover Engine!!!

par : CLIVE B


Excellent product, good price. Will recommend your company to others

par : Kevin M


excellent little tool I use it a lot and am very pleased with it thank you.

par : B M


I purchased this wrench as a budget spare to live in the back of a competition 4x4 for out at events. We spend a significant amount on professional tools and snapon products and more and more I am becoming very impressed with the quality and functionality of the silverline range. Despite not having the same guarantees I am yet to succeed at breaking any of the tools and for comparable quality to value for money they are highly recommended.

par : Keith G


This is my first purchase from Silverline.It is an excellent product,good quality,precise and far superior to the previous wrench it replaced,and a lot cheaper! I would not hesitate to purchase from Silverline again.Excellent value!

par : martin m


Solid construction, simple to set different torque settings. Sturdy storage box and lifetime guarantee. Works well, good value for the money.

par : Greg R


Bought this to do some work on my car, great quality tool and packaging! Box has lasted unlike some cases tools come in where hinges and latches break etc. Has been used on my car and motorbike over the few years I''ve owned it. This is not the only SilverLine tool I own and am happy with the brand.

par : Iain h


Good quality tool for the price, also good for tough bolts as you can get lots of leverage. The box could be simpler like two sleeves that push together but it''s no big deal box is still good and hard-wearing.

par : David G


I have had this torque wrench for a few months now and it has joined my tool collection of mainly Silverline products and as usual it has performed as well as much more expensive brands.

par : Denis K


Very pleased with the quality and excellent value for money.

par : john w


Bought this torque wrench at what appeared a good price and believing it to be covered by Silverline''s lifetime guarantee. Sadly, after a few uses at low-ish torques 85 - 120 Nm the drive ratchet has failed and the 1/2" drive has sheared, on inspection due to poor hardening of the metal from which it is made. Approaches to Silverline re the warranty have been ignored - Moral - don''t buy Silverline, unless you regard your tools as consumables to be discarded after a few uses!

par : Martin B


A nice well made tool. Easy to read scale and works well.

par : Richard


I''ve been using this wrench for over a year now and have found it to be sturdy and simple to use I can see how they can be offered with a lifetime warranty!

par : Robert K


Bought this to check the wheel nuts on my car when changing wheels. Easy to use and works really well - Another great value Silverline product

par : José J


This torque wrench works perfectly, as advertised. A good buy and excellent price/quality ratio.

par : James H


I purchased this torque wrench to rebuild my motorbike. Looking for something reliable, strong and good value for money I found the Silverline product matches all my requirements. Excellent product and great value for money. Even came with a lifetime guarantee.

par : L P


Excellent value ,good quality product backed by a guarantee

par : Alan C


I bought this to work on my motorcycle and it does the job,easy to use and with a lifetime garantee can''t go wrong.

par : Brian D


Excellent product Excellent price I''m very pleased with product

par : John S


An incredibly impressive torque wrench, well-made and at an extremely competitive price. I cannot rate it highly enough.

par : Jeremy E


Reliable and accurate when compared with calibrated wrench. Very competitive price.

par : Gary N


Great product. Great price. Bought two of these and very happy

par : Tom A


Great torque wrench! I tend to buy bigger brand tools, but seeing something this price with a lifetime warranty I couldn''t not give it a try! It performs exactly as it should - never has trouble with the higher torques of wheels and suspension components. Nice moulded case and even comes with a 3/8 adapter and extension - brilliant value!

par : neil


Comes with a 3/8 adapter and a extension bar and a lifetime guarantee I will never have to buy another again

par : Stefan P


Very good wrench, bought for adjusting the chain and wheels on a motorbike, but since I''ve used it for the car and other jobs. Reliable so far and once the torque rating is set then it gives a very clear ''clunk'' when you reach the pressure needed.

par : Matthew T


I purchased this torque wrench to tighten bolts of various sizes after replacing the brake discs and pads on my wife''s Nissan X-Trail. I found it easy to read/set the correct torque using the calibrated scale and the action is very reassuring with a positive "click". The extension bar also come in handy. Overall, great value item that feels made to last (it comes with a sturdy plastic case and is guaranteed forever if you register it on the Silverline website). Very satisfied customer.

par : Larry M


An excellent tool at a bargain price, no doubt that I''ll be buying more Silverline tools.

par : Paddy R


Great value tool that really performs. Gets regular use and hasn''t let me down.eady to adjust too. Can''t really ask for more.

par : Martin r


Great piece of kit easy to use

par : aarron


Excellent torque wrench use it all day never had any problems with it and cheap with guarantee

par : Mr K


I was doing an engine rebuild and needed to torque up plenty of bolts up to spec’s. Now I did have a torque wrench from another brand that was had seen better days. Looking on eBay for something that would replace my old worn-out torque wrench, this appeared in the search list “Silverline 28 - 210Nm 1/2" Drive Torque Wrench. At first I was a bit sceptical seeing the price, at the time £24 + Free delivery. But on arrival how shock I was to see a quality made tool with precession feel and engraved torque level markings. On first use it felt really easy to set the desired torque setting and to lock it in place with the locking knob. What was including is 1/2” to 3/8” step down adaptor and 1/2” 150mm extension bar, I did not get any of that with my other brand torque wrench. So far I am impressed by it and enjoyed using it and I really like the fact that the torque indication click is more audible that my other brand torque wrench, which would determine that you have reached your desired torque setting. Overall best purchase so far from Silverline and it had given me the confident in buying more into their tool range. Worth every penny!

par : Gavin


Great product for the price, easily competes with more expensive tools. Lot of tool for the price

par : Paolo A


The tool work perfectly.

par : peter l


Well built in a strong plastic carrying case. Works exactly as it should. Tested against another well known (expensive) manufacturer and gave same results. Definite for the garage

par : Tim M


Quick delivery, quality product.

par : Mark F


Been using this for various applications for a while now. Great quality bit of kit, checked it''s accuracy against an expensive brand and the tolerance is within 3 %. Very sturdy and with a lifetime guarantee, very happy. Definitely buy from these guys again.

par : Richy n


Got quite a few silverline tools now i love them. Would have a full set if i could afford new ones. Amazing quality had halfords proffesional tools break before these do

par : John T


Perfect tool for the job.

par : Peter


This is a great piece of kit for correctly torquing large size and load bolts. The settings appear to be pretty accurate, and certainly within tollerance, and I''ve now used this tool without any problems over an extended period of time. Highly recommended if you''re looking for a large torque wrench.

par : David L


An excellent bit of kit. Every keen DIY mechanic should have one of these in their toolbox. The quality is as normal for Silverline second to none, the supplied adapters and extension bar gives flexibility as to which size sockets to use and incteased reach. Works from 28NM to 210NM so a wide selection of torque settings available. Once you have register your product you get access to a no hassle gaurantee. The case is strong and durable. The price is fantastic making this extremely good value. I use my tools a lot...every weekend I''m tinkering with my cars. Whether it be just a slight adjustment to replacing clutches or suspension. My Silverline tools have never let me down! All in all a very good well made product!

par : Jack F


Excellent value for money, even more so with the lifetime guarantee. Light and easy to use. Would recommend this tool.

par : Alan H


Found it to be a good bit of kit, easy to use robust, good finish, Would buy this make again.

par : Bob


This is solid and does the job for me. Excellent service.

par : Andrew B


Keep it in the car to fix the bike rack to the towbar and for tyre changes. Does the job just fine.

par : Sebastian


Good tool. No issued whatsoever

par : Thomas S


Had for over three years now never failed a calibration, good build quality and a nice chrome finish. Highly recommended cannot fault for the price !

par : Chris D


Not much to say really , a Cheap wrench that does exactly what its supposed to do really well, and I''ve even checked its accuracy and the and scale is within 1% of the torque. Even come with a extension and a 3/8 adaptor.. top piece of kit .

par : Stijn K


High-quality. Switching summer-winter tires is easy + you earn back the money on this tool (+the time spent on trips back and forth to the workshop) after its 1st usage.

par : Paul R


I have used torque wrenches for many years professionally and this is the best one by far. The quality of the wrench is on a par with other more expensive wrenches from top tool companies. The gauge is easy to read and adjust even with oily hands. It even has a quality sounding ''click''. Recommended for professionals and non professionals for the quality and price.

par : Les


A seemingly very robust piece of kit. I''ve used this a few times now, no issues so far. Well made, with fairly substantial carry case included. For the money, you can''t go wrong. Would buy another.

par : Antonio D


It''s not the first Silverline tool that I buy, but they are all of great quality. The Torque wrench that I bought confirms that - great tool, practical and very precise. Exceptional price. Highly recommended.

par : Verstrepen D



Garantie à vie

Ce produit Silverline est garanti pendant une période de 30 jours à partir de la date d'achat contre tout vice de matériaux ou défaut de fabrication. Vous pouvez obtenir une garantie à vie en enregistrant votre produit en ligne. Tout bien présentant un défaut sera réparé ou remplacé gratuitement.

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