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100 mm

€ 6.11 ZZGL. MWST

  • Kunststoffgehäuse u. Magnetfuß
  • Leicht ablesbare, in 90°-Quadranten unterteilte Skala
  • Zum Dachdecken, im Gerüstbau und für alle Arten von Winkelmessungen

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Technische Daten

Winkel 0–90° in 4 Quadranten
Stärke 16 mm
Gewicht 0,139 kg
Ausführung PP


Robustes Kunststoffgehäuse mit einem Durchmesser von 100 mm und praktischem Magnetfuß. Klare, leicht ablesbare, in 90°-Quadranten unterteilte Skala. Für den Einsatz beim Dachdecken, im Gerüstbau und für alle Arten von Winkelmessungen.


  • 1 Neigungsmesser, 100 mm


von: Michael M


I gave recently started modelling with a view to creating my own railway layout which includes a lot of scratch building. Silverline seems to have a strong grip on this market since my most recent purchases have been a glue spreader and inclinometer, a device which measures the angle of a roof pitch. Both items were built to a with strong materials and were easy to use. In the case of the glue spreader, it is easy to disassemble and clean the rotating glue spreader which makes the application of PVA glue a simple task. Similarly the inclinometer a device which measures the angle of pitch of a roof is equally, easy to use and makes a difference to the making of scratch build models. It is an accurate and time saving device which allows the user to make scale models with precision. In summary, Silverline Products are the go to supplier of practical, innovative and durable products that are inexpensive.



Very easy to use, its a pity that there is non conversion from degr├ęs to % ou mm/m (only inch/foot), on te back of te inclinometer

von: John S


Could not be happier with this item, lightweight and accurate despite being dropped twice and the magnetic base means I only need two hands instead of three. Tip; if using with wood drive a couple of carpet tacks or any other short nail with a large head into the wood and the magnetic base will grip the nail heads.

von: Terry P


Seems to work OK

von: Ian W


An essential tool for measuring the slope of roads and footpaths in relation to accident investigation.

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